Feb 29, 2012

~ the pink pagoda

The Pink Pagoda is my latest obsession.  I recently found these iPhone covers and thought they couldn't be cuter...

Guess what color I ordered? 
I found them HERE after reading about them HERE.

So my next stop was The Pink Pagoda Etsy Shop. Turns out I liked quite a few things... can you imagine?

Oh, and she does use colors other than tangerine!
You better believe I ordered these adorable notecards in pink...

and in blue...

But the obvious favorite for the iPhone cover was tangerine!
big huge labs


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Feb 28, 2012

~ atlanta wrap-up

This is the last post from my one day trip to Atlanta. Just a few more photos to finish this series of posts...
Such beautiful flowers at our hotel.

Disappointed not to have taken a million more photos at my sister-in-laws house! I'm always super inspired after a visit to her lovely home, but with our crazy schedule, I just snapped a handful of my favorite things...

Just a peek at the beauty... next time, I'll have to get the full inspired home!

This is the new puppy. He is adorable sitting in his big sister's pink bed, and I can assure you he has the new puppy smell going strong... love it! Oh, and he weighs like 2 pounds...

And that, my friends, concludes the posts from my one day trip to Atlanta...

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Feb 27, 2012

~ vintage

In addition to Boxwoods featured in my last post, and the awesome antique show in Atlanta which produced four posts, we visited Vintage. Full of charm, we were thrilled to have found yet another source for inspiration, and a surprise...

 After a purchase and some visiting, we found out just what a small world it is...

Trayce, the owner of this darling shop apparently had a friend who moved to Omaha...

Just as I was checking out, she decided to mention the friend's name... Deanna.

Can you believe, her friend Deanna is one of my dear friends in Omaha, and was one of my very first inspired homes? (HERE)

A small world indeed...
and a lovely shop! Visit her website HERE

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Feb 24, 2012

~ boxwoods gardens and gifts

After devoting almost the entire day to the antique show, (making up the last four posts) my adorable sister-in-law drove my other adorable sister-in-law and I to Boxwoods. We just couldn't go home without a trip to Boxwoods
The shop is full of gorgeous and affordable accessories, beautiful lighting, specialty pieces, and the flower shop inside the shop is amazing...
I am in love with Eva Gordon! (We saw these beautiful pieces in Naples at Summerfield's also... HERE)

Each piece is hand-crafted in a highly specialized process resulting in exquisite hand-painted pieces.

Loved this piece... $135

The flower shop has some of the prettiest arrangements I've ever seen!

This gorgeous vignette is behind the check-out counter! 
Beautiful blue and green!

Next door is an extension of Boxwoods... with table settings in every room...

and a few more Eva Gordon pieces...


Gorgeous planters out front!

Visit the Boxwoods website HERE
Take a virtual tour of the store HERE
and see the virtual entrance of the store HERE

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