Feb 17, 2012

~ atlanta antique show part 1

A couple weeks ago, I flew to Atlanta for the day to attend The Cathedral Antiques Show with a fabulous group of gals from Omaha. We saw some familiar faces as we shopped the show ~ some of our favorites from our very own Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show! We also discovered a few new booths worth mentioning. The discovery of Linda Ketterling Antiques was a definite highlight, and the subject of this first in a series of posts from this day trip to Alanta.

Linda has some of the most beautiful majolica I've ever seen!
Take a look at some of these stunning examples...

Wow! I'm so in love with this deer head!

Forgive the repeats.. I'm obsessed!

The cutest!!

I'm telling you, the majolica pieces were outstanding - definitely the prettiest I've seen. Linda said her small booth couldn't accommodate all she has to offer. She showed me photos of life-size majolica peacocks in storage! 
Linda Ketterling Antiques does not have a storefront, but travels to antique shows and is happy to email photos or a list of her show schedule to anyone interested. Please call the number listed below if you are interested in anything seen in the images above, or if you are looking for a specific piece. 

Atlanta posts continue for the next 2 weeks...

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Veronica said...

Hi Jan. Blogger is up the creek this morning and it took quite a few click to get here...phew! Indeed a great collection of Majolica! I am having an all morning visit here at TFT to select images for my post, and it is mighty difficult to choose between all the stunning pics of your home and even more difficult with all the colourful mosaics! Have a great weekend!


Veronica said...

Oh yes, I keep forgetting to say how gorgeous your header is!!


The enchanted home said...

Fun!! I could see many of those pieces in YOUR home Jan!

cindy said...

Goodness, I have never seen such an amazing collection of majolica!

A Toile Tale said...

Oh, my gosh! We could have walked pass each other at the show. I have gone to this show every year and it is always so well curated. I hope you got to go to the house tour that is part of the weekend. It is always incredible. I came home with some beautiful silver, but I will admit that what I really wanted was that deer head in your post!
Linda @ A Toile Tale

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I love majolica. What gorgeous pieces!!! DId you buy the stag?

I love the acorn and bird wall pocket (I think it's a wall pocket).....


Cynthia said...

what a collection. I love the acorn. I love acorns.