Feb 3, 2012

~ family room update

Just before the holidays, I got an itch to follow through with something I'd been fretting over for years. The shelves in my family room were spaced too far apart and I fantasized about moving the shelves up and tightening the space. I knew it would be a cleaner, neater look, but I would need to order more shelves, have the shelves painted, and rearrange the shelves. Rearranging shelves, for me, is a really, really serious job. I also felt the room was blah and needed a bit of a lift. The transformation began with the rug from Trace Mayer. (you can read all about it in this post.) I've made some progress as reported in several recent posts.

As you can see, it's much warmer in the room in the photo above, in part due to a new camera, but also thanks to the changes. 

Here's the boring and blah room.. Notice the shelves (only four) and the rug specifically...

Here's the old painting which I adore in my basement! I always thought it was too small for this wall, and the lone cookie cutter looks, well, it looks like I was trying to fill empty wall space. (Most likely because that is exactly what I was doing...)

Even when I added another... still no good.

I happen to have people in my life who will come over and just flat out tell me, Jan, the cookie cutter(s) have to go. Thank you cPv and sRe! 

Here's the new space with the tapestry, the rug, and the pillows...

I mean the tapestry is basically amazing, is it not? I'm so thrilled with that thing! I searched for days and spent hours on 1st Dibs. I narrowed it down to a few ~ all of which were from Keivan Woven Arts in Atlanta, GA. If you have ever thought about shopping for a tapestry, Keivan is a great place to start... and finish! Check out their website... (here

I love the new set up in the hutch!

I stole the small french confit jars from my dining room table (they'd been there too long) and added them to the mix.. I LOVE it!

I was inspired to use these Mackenzie-Childs plates instead of the Majolica. I love the color better, and I have tons of them. I copied my friend Charles Faudree and added some plates above the hutch. I think this addition gives a more finished look. ( I like to fill empty wall space..) The lampshades, as mentioned in a previous post, feature a charming Charles Faudree fabric from Vervain... (Coming soon: back of hutch upholstered in check fabric, also copied straight from Charles Faudree!)

Here's the old.. pretty, but I like the new better... the blue-green color of the majolica plates always bothered me... I like the yellow-green ones better. I also created some height with antique books above.

Here you can see the old pillows, (too many) the old rug, and the old coffee table. BORING and BLAH! (I think my camera was blah.. I'm not sure why the new photos have a warm, yellowish glow to them?)

The new pillows are so much better. Plus, there's room to sit on the couch... a welcome change!

And here are the old shelves ~ notice the spacing problem ~ 
That space at the top of each shelf DROVE ME CRAZY!

 As you can see, a shelf was added to each side. I also decided to take off the covers of all the books. I added some antique books for interest (on the right side second shelf up) and I'd like to continue switching the new for old... 

Oh! I also added the sconces from Zane Moss. I scored the pair at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show! The antique glass is so pretty and when the candles are lit... pure charm!

I am so much happier with the shelves and the room in general! Still waiting on the kitchen chairs to be covered, the hutch to be upholstered, new kitchen counter stools, and a few other details... It's getting warmer and cozier, don't you think?

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Stacy Curran said...

I love this room so much, even before the changes!

Veronica said...

I like the room before the changes as well, but being a colour crazy person, I am enchanted with the warmer colours and details. Of course, the colours are right up my personal pallete preferences! Now, I have to say that the tapestry is just AMAZING! I have a huge love of tapestries and I adore the colours in this one! Most certainly a pic that I will be choosing for my post!. The rug is a winner and I am off to check out that site where you got the tapestry! Looking forward to doing the post on your blog and have no idea how I am just going to choose a few images, but what a grand problem to have!


cindy said...

Wall tapestry perfect, new pillows LOVE. The dining chairs look so pretty, cannot see them closely but you are replacing them?

The hutch looks so interesting with its layers of pottery and shelves much better as well. Fascinated by the idea of upholstering the hutch? Will be fun to see.

How about a post on Charles Faudree? Maybe you have done one that I missed. Some of your readers may not know of him. He kind of flies under the radar. Like you, he knows the sources for some of the prettiest antiques I have ever seen!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

This room looks wonderful and cozy. I just love all your confit and olive jars.

The enchanted home said...

So fabulous! Smart move with the shelves and tapestry...rich, elegant and so incredibly inviting! Good job Jan!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Jan I love this room, both the before and the after!! Absolutely gorgeous! I am a big fan of Charles Faudree too and this room should be in one of his books!

My Notting Hill said...

It looks great! Amazing what the addition of one shelf and removing book covers will do. The room looks so cozy and that warm color it tangerine-juicy good!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love your new cushion and rug, they are fabulous and the hutch does look so beautiful. I am crazy about peach,tangerine, orange or any thing that resembles that color, so this is totally perfect to me. The shelves look lovely also. Hugs, Marty

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

I love your new rug and tapestry. the colors are so warm and pretty. Charles Faudree is one of my favorite designers.

BRASWELL said...

Loved what you have done. Thanks for the before&after images. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Jacki said...

I LOVE it! It's so warm, it just wraps around you. You're doing a great job. And I love that the pictures are warmer (whatever the reason!).

tricia s. said...

Stunning- I would want to stay in the room all day every day. I agree with the other comments that it was still gorgeous before - truly lovely. But I also appreciate the orange type accents (have always been a fan) and the way you incorporated them is amazing. Gorgeous !!

Mary Anne said...

What wonderful transitions from what you had (which was also beautiful). But somehow, the new changes seems more interesting and warmer. Love the green mojolica plates in the hutch . . .a great contrast to everything else. Great job Jan!

French Kissed said...

First let me say that I love your layered style and the fine tuning you have done makes it even more appealing. Those of us who embrace this style just need to edit and rework the layers from time to time which you so beautifully illustrate here. And when we do, sometimes we actually see the opportunity for a new purchase as in your gorgeous tapestry...I think this would be the icing on your layer cake! Beautifully done.


Pillows By Dezign said...

LOVE the warm colors! Beautiful spaces. Can't wait to see more :)

Ps. love the pillows!!


Chandler Weddings said...

Your new tapestry is gorgeous! It filled the space and gave the room so much subtle color and warmth. Love the lamps on the hutch too. Charles Faudree is my hero!