Mar 30, 2012

~ favorite color

This color! It's the color I keep turning to... I am completely consumed with love for this color. Is it coral? Yes, maybe. It's my favorite and I don't know what to call it, except gorgeous...

I found these images on Style Me Pretty at a wedding shoot. The photographer Corbin Gurkin, works from a boutique destination wedding studio maintained in Charleston. Check out this map from her website...
She seems to be pretty spectacular.
This charming structure of my favorite color, happens to be in Copenhagen...

With the sunlight, it's more orange...

Finally, it hit me... 

Looks a hell of a lot like tangerine tango doesn't it?

Yes. I would say it most certainly does.
Apparently, my favorite color is the color of the year... duh.

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Mar 28, 2012

~ plant refresher

I got home Sunday night from Florida, unpacked Monday, and I could not wait another second to get to the store for ivy and plants! Spring is SO HERE and I can't even believe it. I replaced plants inside and spruced up outside as well. My entire backseat was full of ivy. I needed plants everywhere!

The dining room,

the living room,

the family room,

in the kitchen,

the back hall, 

and on the patio.

How could I resist this orange?

More ivy and more orange!

Pretty pink on the patio...

A few pansies in the front pot...

And I added ivy and pansies to my yellow ensemble from last Spring!

I just couldn't be happier about Spring!

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Mar 27, 2012

~ orange poppy tangerine

Orange, poppy, tangerine, and every color in between... 

All images from my Pinterest boards HERE

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Mar 25, 2012

~ antique books

Not so long ago, I did a post on books arranged by color. That post instigated some opinionated and enthusiastic comments! Some loved the books arranged that way, others hated them. 
Although I thought the books were lovely arranged by color, no doubt because of my love of color, I prefer antique books for bookshelves. I am on a slow and steady but relentless hunt for antique books. I've seen them (and bought them) at outrageous prices, but recently I've discovered, there's another way... a secret if you will. Antique books can be found at estate sales, garage sales even, for next to nothing! I have even found some in antique shops where the owners bought them cheap and sell them cheap. (I love when that happens!)

There's something about a collection of antique books that makes a statement, and gives a room a richer, warmer feel.

{all above images found on Pinterest}

Several of my inspired homes have featured antique book collections...
Jill ~ here

Stacey ~ here

Nancy ~ here

It's such a thrill when I spy a set of books and know they will be a perfect replacement for the new novels on my shelves...

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(all images that aren't my own are from my Pinterest board here)

Linking up for Mosaic Monday here

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