Mar 9, 2012

~ andy moore

When I need special painting done, truly artistic painting, (or any painting at all), Andy Moore is who I call. I have witnessed his amazing talent as a painter many times and I'm always impressed. Always.
Take a look...

He painted my master bedroom/bathroom walls and ceiling using a combing method which I think resembles wallpaper, but prettier...

He painted these candlesticks in my master bath. 

They were a boring, flat gray color (I know gray is very popular, but not my thing...) 

Now, I think they are amazing! A total transformation! 
(Except those candles are too bright ... need to switch those!)

He added character and warmth to this fireplace mantel by doing layers of paint colors. (It was painted a shade of white, the color of our trim when we moved in ~ so horrible!) 

He painted my family room fireplace surround to make it look more cozy and warm, more like limestone... (it's cement!)

He painted and glazed the butler's pantry cabinetry in a gorgeous butterscotch/caramel color... 

He painted our kitchen cabinets which I have to say have been very popular! I've had several friends try and copy this color...

Those cabinets were painted over ten years ago! They still look great thanks to the glaze giving them an old look from the beginning. They've looked weathered and yellowed since the day they were painted. Love!

Most recently, I called on Andy to have my island painted a different color. 

I wanted a mossy green. I got the idea from Alexa Hampton. She was a speaker at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show a couple years ago, and in her presentation, which was completely hilarious and totally fabulous in every way, she talked about an office/den she did with mossy green cabinets mixed with red fabrics. I LOVED that room! I thought with my red brick floors, the mossy green might have the same gorgeous look!

Tucker literally wants to be in every shot...

I am not the type of person, surprisingly, who is indecisive or needs opinions and input from others about paint color. 

Here's how it goes down: 

  • I look at the huge selection of paint colors (Realistically, about a million)
  • I pick one out 
  • Andy agrees and we consider the glaze color (which he picks out)
  • Andy does a sample
  • I love it
  • He paints 

It can be tricky when considering the application of a glaze, because the base coat changes when the brown glaze is applied. I realize that Andy can adjust the glaze color to alter the outcome if needed, and I trust him. The glaze color I usually go with is what I call, baby poop. Unfortunately, I haven't come up with a better way to describe the color I'm going for, and Andy seems to know the color I speak of.

While we were choosing the color for the island, I realized it should blend with the drapery fabric in my living room, directly adjacent to the kitchen. The base green we used was more of an apple green, but that rich baby poop glaze gave it the mossy color we wanted, coordinating perfectly with the drapery. 

Andy's murals are wonderful... Remember Stacey's inspired home? (here
Andy painted her back bathroom! 

So that's my Andy Moore story. I have a list of things I'd love him to paint... my bedroom armoire, my powder room vanity, the back bathroom vanity, and other furniture. He can turn brand new pieces of furniture into gorgeous antiques! Sounds like another post...

Andy Moore

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The enchanted home said...

Wow Andy is amazing! Talented and I really appreciate this coming off the heels of painting quite a bit ourselves (not done yet) we were lucky to have a master finisher too, makes all the difference in the world.Love the strie in your room and that gorgeous moss green island, fabulous!
And your "process" love, had me laughing..nice and easy!

miss flibbertigibbet said...

Wow! He's fantastically talented! How lucky to have your own decorative painter! Gorgeous!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

You are lucky to have someone this talented to paint for you. His work is stunning, and you home is gorgeous.
Have a happy weekend.

Jacki said...

What a talent! The murals are incredible. I'd love to have my kitchen cabinets painted to look old like that. But I had the kitchen wallpaper taken down a couple of months ago, and am still trying to get my husband to paint the walls in there!

Anonymous said...

Andy is amazing! I love the mossy green island. My island is a sage green, but it came painted that way and doesn't have the depth of yours with the glaze. Spectacular!

BRASWELL said...

I have an Andy here in S. CA. We are blessed to have them in our lives. Grand post.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Andy does wonders with paint! Everything turned out BEAUTIFUL!!

The Pink Pagoda said...

How I wish I had an Andy here in Dallas!! He's clearly amazing. I'm crazy over that strie he did. Your house is beautiful!