Mar 18, 2012

~ a lilly closet

Spring is in the air, and I'm loving it. The sun has been shining, the temperature has been steady, (in the 70's!) and my goodness, the birds have been chirping! Have you heard the birds? It literally sounds like they are having some sort of rejoicing celebration about the coming of Spring.

Along with the enthusiastic chirping going on outside, Lilly Pulitzer definitely puts me in the mood for warm weather and cheery color.

My friend Mimi, who is about the cutest thing ever, as you can see, is a lover of Lilly Pulitzer. And when I say lover, what I really mean is LOVER!! 

Mimi owns a Lilly Pulitzer Via Shop, Under the Palm Tree, in Overland Park, KS. You may remember my mention of Mimi's shop in a post last Spring. (HERE) And don't miss the fact that she's a sponsor in my sidebar ~ You can click over to her shop anytime and do a little Lilly shopping!

I am so excited to share her delightful Lillified closet.  

You see, Mimi and her Lilly closet were recently featured in 435 South MagazineInside My Closet is a series in the magazine highlighting local women and their savvy closets and lifestyles. You can see the feature on Mimi HERE

I love the bright and bubbly color in this closet.. Surely, facing that kind of color each morning would ensure a solid good mood for the entire day. 

Oh dear Lord, I almost forgot about Lilly, the family pet Bichon Frise, who has been appropriately (and safely) pink-dyed. 

Thank you to Laurel Austin, photographer extraordinaire, for sharing her images with us! I was so excited about the article, but even more so when Laurel shared never-before-seen photos of Mimi and her closet! 

And of course, thank you to Mimi, for opening up her charming closet for all of us to enjoy. And envy.

And now, I am feeling a strong pull to organize my closet. Possibly weed out some of the grays and browns... 

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Fashion-isha said...

Oh how I love all the colors in this post! Thanks for that burst of sunshine!

French Girl in Seattle said...

What a fun visit to your friend's house! I did not know about Lilly Pulitzer until I read your post. I love it all! So bright, so colorful, so... cheerful! Exactly what I needed here in gray, stormy Seattle where we have had non-stop rain for the last week! Enjoy your balmy temperatures, lucky girl! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

Oh my, thats the dog of a different colour!

Acquired Objects said...

I gasped when I saw the pink dog but he doesn't seem to mind. I've been adding all kinds of bright colors to my closet the last two months and love it. I was mainly a gray, black and white person to but I'm brightening up.


The enchanted home said...

Too funny..Lily the dog. I love her closet brimming with Lilly pretties....all that color must make her feel so happy. I love LP, don't wear as much as I used to but still have tons and always appreciate all the fun happy colors and prints!

Alina Anghel said...

so colourful! love it! xx

Tartan Terrace said...

Jan - I've always loved Lilly! There's just something about that very preppy look. Thanks for this very pretty post!

BRASWELL said...

Being originally from Fla. I adore LP + that pink doggie.

E. Charlotte said...

The bright colors and patterns in this post made me smile! I love it!

Veronica said...

Oh my...instant clour love... that is the kinda closet to put you in an eternal good mood!!

Love le dog!


Anonymous said...

So colourful wowwww love it ...