Mar 13, 2012

~ a mano

Another getaway to Naples! I think March is my favorite month. This was my second of three trips to Naples this Spring, and upon my return to Omaha, the snow has completely disappeared (the little we had) and the high today is 75 degrees. I love 75 degrees! March trips to warm weather seem to break up the winter just enough and confirm that Spring is indeed just around the corner...

So excited to share this super charming shop with you.. a favorite of mine, full of things to beautify any home. A Mano (made by hand) has assembled a collection of fabulous items from all over the world. Adam Mahr, who started the company more than 10 years ago continues to travel through Europe, and returns with unique decorative accessories including my favorite, French and Italian ceramics. (Now that sounds like a fun job!)
In addition to Naples, A Mano is located in Georgetown and the Hamptons.  Let's take a look...

The storefront is enough to make me go nuts... 

See the patio around the corner? SO charming with those orange umbrellas... (more patio coming up)

The in-house florist creates lovely floral arrangements that last forever!

Charming pillows are everywhere...

My favorite are the Italian ceramics... we are talking really spectacular!

Like crazy spectacular...

A beautiful selection of books...

 I couldn't possibly be expected to resist these orange and blue plates... Could I? 
(Remember this post on orange and blue?) 

 I will confess to you, but please don't mention this to my husband: I bought three of the plates. "Where will you put them?" you might be asking. This I can not tell you because I do not know. These are details I do not have time to worry myself with whilst shopping. I can assure you there will be a spot. And when they are hung, I will wonder how in the world I ever lived without the plates. And I will thank my lucky stars I didn't pass them up. 

More awesome stuff...

Oh man do I love this patio... could it be more charming?



Upon exiting this charming area, I found a NEW store. It's actually not a new store really, but it's new to me! It's just across the street from A Mano, and it's quite wonderful... and it's coming up next. 
Stay tuned for more from Naples, FL!

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The enchanted home said...

Wow beautiful wonder you keep going! Beautiful offerings, and love the patio too. Glad you are finding things to "occupy your time" while you are away:)

Acquired Objects said...

I'm with you the Italian ceramics are fabulous. You love that porch the same reason I's orange!


Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Oh my goodness, this would be dangerous. All of my favorite things, and the orange umbrellas are so pretty.
My favorite things.

Jacki said...

You are so funny - of course you couldn't walk away from those plates! I love Italian ceramics too. I took a class in painting Italian ceramics, but have been very disappointed that I just can't find the bisque styles that the Italians use (urns, cool vases, etc.).

The Vintage Chateau said...

Oh what a fabulous shop! I love Italian dishes too!