Apr 30, 2012

~ chicago botanic garden

As you know, I flew to Chicago last Sunday, photographed a beautiful inspired home, and then hauled my ambitious self to the Chicago Botanic Antiques and Garden Fair. I'm not sure I can convey to you effectively how amazing this show is. The beauty of the Garden itself is remarkable, but mixed with the antiques, really extraordinary.
This visit has the potential of generating a few posts ~ my guess would be in the neighborhood of ten. TEN! So prepare yourself for an extensive collection of images, beginning with the Chicago Botanic Garden, no antiques included. Yet.

Loved this highlight at the entrance. The map of the garden is labeled with some of the featured flowers, with samples of the flower displayed in front! Sometimes, the beauty must be experienced in a small dose to effectively motivate visitors to explore further. This would apply to yours truly. Seeing Fritillary Imperialis on the map means absolutely nothing to me.

This beauty is Fritillary Imperialis (Big Red Crown Imperial)
I've never seen anything like it!

Splendor in the garden... (doesn't that seem like an appropriate phrase to use here?)

  Even overhead!

This may look like My Secret Garden.. but the 20 degree temp kept us from frolicking for too long. (It's highly possible my estimate is off, but I'm telling you it was cold!)

Can you imagine these trees in the summer? They are in a huge, impressive half-circle.

Just absolutely gorgeous! Wait, wait until you see what's inside!

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soodie :: said...

loving your blog!

Mary Anne Komar said...

Thank you for the lovely photos. Here in the Pacific Northwest the Tulip Festival is ending in Skagit Valley and my cherry trees are packed with blossoms. The hens are laying almost 4 eggs a day and today I made dandelion cookies!!!!

Lauren said...

Absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see the rest!

Acquired Objects said...

Can you imagine the man power it takes to do all that work....WOW! Beautiful and I can't wait to see the rest!


BRASWELL said...

Am waiting with baited breath for the next group of pictures + Stunning! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Leslie said...

Wow! Talk about splendor! We have yet to get warm spring weather here in the Pacific Northwest. We still have a lot of mud and I'm waiting anxiously to begin planting. So pretty and thanks for taking us along.


Beth25 said...

I believe you and are on the same page once again. The Chicago Botanical Gardens are on my list of places to see during 2012. It was designed by the great Landscape Architect, Daniel Kiley. A fews weeks ago I toured the J. Irwin Miller home in Columbus Indiana--the work was also by Kiley to compliment the interiors by ALexander Girard and the design by Eero Saarinen. We were not allowed to photograph interiors or exteriors, so I tried to draw what I had seen. The array of tulips is in full bloom and it was thrilling. I am loving this.

Renée Finberg said...

these images are fab.
i love your blog!!!!


Renée Finberg said...


thanks for love and support recently.

the designers muse said...

Beautiful photos....looks like you had a perfect day to explore the the Botanical gardens. Love the white daffodils! Thanks for sharing. Jennifer

'LUSH' said...

Gorgeous display! I can only imagine how much more gorgeous it will be as the trees fill in with their leaves. An incredible garden.

Princess FingersGluedTogether said...

Just lovely. Thank you so much.

Karen said...

What amazing photography. The gardens were in their glory this spring. Thanks for sharing.
Karen Garden, Home and Party

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Oh my gosh, I soooo want to be there!! Your photos are amazing. I totally love all those granite / stone troughs turned into container gardens. And, all those silvery-white birch trees under planted with ferns are incredible! Thank you for snapping all the photos despite the cold weather!!
Tone on Tone