May 31, 2012

~ the monkey flower group

Was it the name that drew me in? Or was it the use of citrus fruits in these gorgeous arrangements? I can't recall, but regardless, I'm thrilled to have found The Monkey Flower Group!

Kudos to Luke Snyder Studio for documenting this beauty...

Can you see how I was completely overcome? Here's a softer look from The Monkey Flower Group... I like saying The Monkey Flower Group.

More citrus...

The Monkey Flower Group is a small floral design studio specializing in perfectly lovely botanical pieces to hold, wear, and share. They use locally grown flowers, natural fiber ribbons, and recycled/recyclable packaging, containers, and paper products. They basically rock on every level. Oh, and they're in Napa. Can you imagine a better place to be creating these special works of art? I can't.

Thank you to The Monkey Flower Group for allowing me to use their images. To visit their website, click here
Thank you also to Luke Snyder for allowing me to use his photos. (The first six images) To visit his website, click here

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May 24, 2012

~ whoopsie.. more chicago and I'm not 50

Let me start this post by saying thank you for all the birthday wishes! Apparently I should have been a bit more clear in my birthday bash post. It was not my birthday, and more importantly, I am not 50! I have a couple more months of being 45! The birthday celebration was not for me, but for my dear old (and when I say old I mean very young) sister-in-law, and a grand time was had by all!

Now, let's move on... 
I thought I was finished sharing all the photos from Chicago, but came across a few more of the stunning arrangements found throughout the show. Alas, I present Chicago post number eleven...

Now I'm done for real.

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May 22, 2012

~ birthday bash

I am happy to report the birthday celebration was a huge success. 
Let me start by saying Kyle Robino was the flower guru for this party, and I believe they were the prettiest I've ever seen! I showed her all kinds of photos, but her rendition surpassed anything I had envisioned. Each arrangement was special and unique, and appreciated by all!
Let's check out the beauty, shall we?

I've fantasized about putting flowers in this tiered piece for years.. now was the time, and it turned out beautifully!

Broke out all the Mackenzie-Childs collection for this little shindig...

My favorite chicken casserole made a charming container for this spectacular arrangement...

These peach ruffly flowers were stunners... 

I rented the glass dessert plates and spiced things up a bit with the woven ribbon requiring several trips to Hobby Lobby... 
Note to self: It takes more ribbon than you think to thread 25 plates!

I bought a package of these Mackenzie-Childs paper liners years ago and have used them periodically through the years... Love an opportunity to pull them out!

More chicken...

The cakes were a hit... the green ribbon was carrot cake, the pink ribbon traditional white. We served with ice-cream and berries... delicious!

All my favorites from John Benker... 

It could not have been prettier outside.. a bit chilly, but just fine...

The peonies didn't even look real!

Love the MC colander with flowers...

Started the evening with votives in the fire pit, but by the end of the night, we had the real fire going... felt more like fall than summer!

I assembled party favors days ahead and had them hidden away for a special surprise at the end of the evening... Of course I forgot about the special surprise until half the guests were gone. I literally chased people out to their cars when I realized. 

Little Mackenzie-Childs bowls were filled with lime green gum balls and tied with ribbon. Why gum balls? No, the birthday girl is not a big fan of gum... I just loved the color!

I believe it's safe to say the party was a success. It was a celebration for a special 50th and I hope a night to remember...

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Flowers: Kyle Robino of Old Market Habitat
Catering: John Benker of Full Plate Inc
Chairs, linens and dessert plates: AAA Rents

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