May 7, 2012

~ lone ranger antiques

Joni, of Cote de Texas has mentioned Lone Ranger Antiques in several posts, most recently this one, where she features several pieces including her own. 
What a surprise when I happened upon the Lone Ranger himself at the Chicago Botanic Antiques and Garden Fair! 
A beautiful booth...

Jeffree Turney established Lone Ranger Antiques in 1986 and travels to Sweden five months a year to search for antiques. 

He travels through the Swedish countryside visiting estate auctions.

Most pieces need restoring, some need to be reworked. With no shop, Jeffree is able to spend his time searching for antique pieces, reworking the pieces, and selling them at antique shows. 
The website has a wide selection of product including Swedish tables, beds, chairs, cabinets, mirrors, sofas, and clocks.
You can visit the Lone Ranger Antiques website here.
More Chicago to come...

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Leslie said...

Impressive selection of clocks here!

Luke Snyder Studio said...

Hi Jan,
Regarding the Monkey Flower Post you've emailed twice about, I've replied twice only to have my email rejected. I'm pretty sure it is on your end, as my email is working fine.

You have my permission to repost those images to your blog if they provide a link to my site, of which you've done in your sample post.
-Luke Snyder

BRASWELL said...

His stuff is amazing, here + Cote de Texas thanks

Petit Coterie said...

Hi Jan,
Thanks for stopping by the blog. Great post. The clocks are amazing. Jeffree definitely has an awesome life. I'd love to spend all my time at estate sales and restoring the items from them.