May 8, 2012

~ more CBG antiques

Continuing with the never-ending posts from the Chicago series, here are a few more vignettes from some of my favorite booths ~ absolutely beautiful pieces!
The most beautiful collection of copper with the shiniest shine you've ever laid eyes on.

Super charming majolica pieces...




More lovely arrangements...

I thought this window (I think that's what it is) was about the prettiest thing I'd ever seen. Wouldn't it make an amazing coffee table?

A pair of french statues. When I saw them, I almost fainted. They are that gorgeous.

Notice the red sticker... sold. Unfortunately, not to me.

Still, more to come.

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YONKS said...

Wow, you have highlighted some "to die for" treasures here. Those copper jelly moulds in the first pic go for an absolute fortune these days. What must have been an everyday item in the Victorian kitchen. I wonder what they would think of it all now?
Thanks for the lovely pictures, they really do speak a thousand words!

The enchanted home said...

So much all that copper. Think you need to consider an apt. in Chicago for your "investigative reporting" haha!

Victoria said...

A fabulous collection, especially the majolica.

Jacki said...

That was outstanding - what a find!! I adore copper and majolica (and apparently palissy too). Thanks for sharing.

5th and State said...

hello jan

thank you for visiting my blog so i could come over here and drool

just read all of your CBG posts and had a real slap in the head moment "why didn't i go, i live in this area!?"

in february i flew to the nashville garden & antique show but for some reason have not been to CBG in years, well you inspired me. there's always next year!
nice to "meet" you

Barbara Jordan Dettweiler said...

Great copper and YES - that would make an amazing coffee table!

Leslie said...

Copper and Staffordshire heaven! Love the french statues too - beautiful.


BRASWELL said...

Everything is wonderful + those statues! Divine.

LaPouyette said...

There is no doubt - the doggies and all your images are super, super charming!!!!

Thank you for your visit and being a follower to my blog!

Greetings from the Périgord,

Anonymous said...

Oh i have a lust for copper pots and moulds that cannot be quenched.

The name of your blog made me smile like the Cheshire cat.

Karen said...

I have wanted a tartanware collection for as long as I can's very difficult to find and when you do find it you have to decide if you want to buy that or a round trip ticket to someplace pretty nice. The statues are amazing, wouldn't that have been fun to bring home?

Decoratopia said...

Stop by my new blog and say hi, Jan!

Mary Anne said...

Wow Jan! The collections you find and that copper. Never saw so much in one space!! You are awesome and I love love love your posts and your wonderful command of color!

Mary Anne ox