May 18, 2012

~ patio/pots 2012

Last year I did a post on how much I love boxwood and ivy. (here) I have always included both in my plan, but this year, I decided to do almost exclusively boxwood and ivy. With three huge beds of impatiens, plus pillows and accessories, I have plenty of color. Vickie Lea, who helps me with my pots and yard suggested adding white viburnum to soften, (I think that's what she called it) and I love that subtle addition!

Here are the results...

One of the impatien beds I mentioned is in front of the stone wall above.. You can't see the impatiens because each and every flower has been eaten by bunnies. Every year this happens... just after the impatiens are planted, the bunnies eat every single bloom. But those impatiens seem to come back just fine! Here's what they look like later in the summer.

Here's a shot of all three beds... lots of color.

Love the topiaries!

I bought these lead pots in St. Louis last year with my sister-in-law Nina... Could not wait to plant these triple topiaries in them.

Here's the white viburnum... 

I love the candles from Pottery Barn on light timers! Turn them on at 8pm, they turn off in 5 hours and turn on at the same time each night. SO charming! I buy the real wax ones even though they melt a little when it's super hot... they look so real, I don't mind a little meltage.

In the front pots, more boxwood and ivy...

Tuckerdoodle always in the window...
I need to trim this boxwood into a ball.

And another triple topiary... I love those things!

That is one big mama boxwood in my front pot!

Perfect timing... I'm having a party this weekend!
Dude. I am so in party mode right now. I'll share the fun next week.. Meanwhile, here's a peek at what I've been doing:

Plant pots outside
Plant beds outside
Clean and organize house
Clean up damn helicopters in plant beds from annoying helicopter tree
Rent tables, linens, etc.
Ribbons for something special
Prepare party favors
Order cake(s)
Order flowers
Plan menu
Meet with Caterer
Figure wine
Clean and organize house
Arrange accessories
Plan tablescape
Pray for no rain
Clean and organize house

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Lauren said...

Your patio and yard are gorgeous! Can't wait to see party pics!


Tartan Terrace said...

Oh, my. You're one busy person. It sounds like you'll need a little r & r after your big soirée, and what better place to get it than your DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS backyard? OMG, it looks like it's right out of the pages of House and Garden magazine. It's perfectly beautiful; thanks for sharing it with us. (Fingers crossed for no rain.)

The enchanted home said...

Now that is what I call one beautful backyard...ABSOLUTELY STUNNING JAN!!!!!!!!
I am saving this post to come back and drool and steal some ideas:) You have done such a beautiful job...its truly picture perfect. I will have to include this in an upcling "post to ponder" post of mine...too good to not share. Enjoy your party,I got tired just LOOKING at that list....but you seem to have a tonage of energy and I know the feeling of when you get in party enjoy!

Acquired Objects said...

It all looks so beautiful Jan, what a great place to hang out. Bunnies need a tasty little treat too and it looks like from last years pictures they only help themselves once. Have fun with your party!


Erica said...

Could this be more beautiful/amazing?!? I think not. I hope you don't live too far away because I want to come over and hang out!
Thanks for popping by and for the lovely comment. :)

Fletcher- High Cotton Style said...

Love your backyard! I wish I could have a carpet to roll this out like that woman on the Miracle grow commercial!

BRASWELL said...

your yard is amazing. i am a fan of ivy + boxwood. have a wonderful party! can't wait for the pictures.

I Dream Of said...

How gorgeous - what a treat your guests are in for. Your impatiens have me drooling, what a gorgeous pop of orange. I have some boxwood topiary on order - can't wait for them to arrive so I can update our planters.
Happy weekend, I'm sure your party will be wonderful! XO

Karen said...

Your yard is magazine worthy...I love your brick house and the urns look fabulous in contrast to the red brick. I'm a huge fan of boxwood and ivy, your yard will be the hit of your party. Have fun

mollie's mom said...

Amazingly gorgeous... I just want to sit on your patio, look at all those topiaries that I am envying and sip something cool and frosty!! I can relate to the bunny issue - don't even try nasturtiums!!! They are gone in 2 seconds flat!! Can't wait to see the party pics:)

mwaxter said...

Your backyard is exquisite. Its so picture perfect, I would have a party every weekend if mine looked like that!

Mary Howell Cromer said...

These images are gorgeous! I always enjoy so much the palette of colours that you use~

pam {simple details} said...

What a gorgeous feast for the eyes, filled with inspiration, thank you for the tour! I'm heading out in our drizzle to make shape two triple topiaries right this second! :)

Ana Costa e Silva said...

Great blog, great inspirations!!! I follow you :)

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Your landscape is absolutely clean and manicured. Love, love boxwood as well..and those topiaries are fabulous! Your little doggie in the window is pretty precious. Looks like you are planning a fabulous party.

Michele said...

Hi ~ Your plants and yard are so beautiful ~

Blessing to you~
Would love for you to follow me too~

Pearl 13.1

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Your backyard could be in a magazine. it is gorgeous!

cindy said...

The gorgeous patio compliments your interior perfectly! Love the orange pillows, great furniture and the placement of it, and the beautiful pretty!!!!!

cindy said...

One more thing... still in love with your brick! The soft color and the interior herringbone floors I am obsessed with!

Wild Oak Designs said...

So terrifically fantastic! Of course you have a party, I would have them all the time! Stunning!

Irishnana said...

Nice blog and LOVELY patio. Thanks for the inspiring photos!
Do you remember where in St Louis you found the lead pots? I'd love to shop there the next time I visit my sister there and see if they still carry anything that would work on my patio in KC.