May 15, 2012

~ veranda & wisteria

Lisa Newsom is my idol. A founder of Southern Accents (wow!) and the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Veranda, (wow!) she achieved the kind of success dreams are made of. Specifically, my dreams. 

She is also the author of my new favorite book, The Houses of Veranda. (buy here)

 Here's a surprise: She also happens to be the mother of Andrew Newsom, the founder of Wisteria. Seems "finding" runs in the family.

It's true. As I was going through my mail, literally minutes after flipping through the pages of my new treasure, The Houses of Veranda, I came across the Wisteria catalog. I noticed on the first page a little ditty about Lisa Newsom and her new book and thought, "clever of Wisteria to sell this awesome book..." I read on to find out that apparently Lisa is Andrew's mom, and his hero, and it all started to make sense.

Wisteria has an Our Story page telling the tale of growing up "in beautiful and interesting houses, filled with delights, large and small." They speak of their moms investment into decades of effort, "finding, winnowing, and polishing the mix of things that have shaped our families' lives and our own ideas of what our house might be like." They go on to say that Wisteria was their answer to not waiting decades, and finding more affordable products than they could in antique shops. So they travelled the world in search of treasures, buying and selling things they knew people like them would surely love, and Wisteria was born. Why the hell didn't I think of that?

Check out the Shop by Scene page from their website. 
(Click the scene below to access the page with individual pieces priced out.)

People, this is one smart family. Wisteria runs a blog, Vine, and I found these new images included in the May catalog. Just beautiful. You can shop the sneak peek items here.

One of my favorite parts of the Wisteria website is Rare Birds. This is a collection of antiques, special finds and one-of-a-kind treasures selected by hand on trips around the world. Now there's a job I'd like to have.

Visit the Wisteria blog, Vine, here.
Visit the Wisteria online catalog here.
Visit the Shop by Scene page here.
Visit the Rare Birds page here.
Buy The Houses of Veranda here.

(Mom, don't buy the book ~ I ordered it for you!)

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MelloMom said...

I am in love with Wisteria! I keep all their catalogs and file away for inspiration later. I didn't realize they had a blog. Yay! Missi

The enchanted home said...

Hi Jan! Hope you had a happy Mothers day. Love the book too and obviosly those design genes and great taste runs rampant in their family! Please Lisa if you are reading this, bring back my beloved Southern Accents, I literally still go through withdrawals and there is simply not a replacment, you would make so many people happy if you did! Stepping off my soapbox now:)

Acquired Objects said...

I almost forgot about this book so thank you for posting about it. I just went and purchased it through your post. Everything looks so beautful and thankfully I'll have my book tomorrow!


cindy said...

Great info Jan. Thanks for updating us. Wisteria is one of the few catalogs I enjoy seeing in my mailbox anymore. Southern Accents was filled with so many pretty images, I miss it.

Will have to add the Veranda book to my collection, one can never have too many design books it seems. What will my kids do with all these books one day? Hopefully our daughter may be interested at some point, right now not at all, fashion is much more interesting!

Sara said...

Looks like an awesome book!

Miss Southern Prep said...

That looks like an amazing book! I love all of the beautiful blues!

Karen said...

That's really interesting. I haven't purchased the Veranda book yet but it's on my wish list. I love Wisteria...I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. :-)

Karena said...

Jan I really want to get the Veranda Book! Amazing finds and yes, I would love that job!

2012 Artist Series featuring the gifted Decorative Painter Theresa Cheek

Art by Karena

Rebecca Grace said...

Duh -- Now that you've told me that Southern Accents, Veranda, and Wisteria were "all in the family," the aesthetic connection seems obvious, but I had no idea. And I have loved both magazines, as well as the catalog. I bought several strands of flexible wire branches covered with cloudy glass beads from Wisteria about 8 years ago that they were showing as part of a tablescape, but I wrap them around one of my Christmas trees. When the lights come on, it looks like my tree is shimmering with ice and snow. Thanks for sharing this info; the Veranda book is going on my wish list!