Jun 28, 2012

~ dream house

The last thing I want is to appear ungrateful. So let me begin by saying how utterly thankful I am for the house I call home. It has always been beyond my dreams! Until now...  (wink)
Thanks to Pinterest, there are loads of images that dreams are made of. Images that exceed what my imagination is capable of.
Alas, I have a collection of homes I have classified and categorized as "dream home" despite my total and complete gratitude for the home in which I live.

This is definitely a favorite dream house. 
I. Love. It.

I detect a theme... a European feel... not necessarily something you'd see driving around Omaha. I love the windows, the ivy, and the casual/lived-in vibe these houses send forth, despite their grandioseness. 

I have a favorite home, a near match to what I'm loving above, I'm currently begging to photograph...
I'll keep you posted on how the groveling turns out... 

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Jun 26, 2012

~ summer walk

I am trying to love early morning walks. Mostly, I would rather be sleeping, but it just gets too hot during the day to get a good walk in and enjoy it. I have found that if I can get myself out of bed and out the door, I am always happy I did so. I never regret my workout after it's over!

Remember the bunnies ate all my impatiens? They seemed to have filled back in!

I do appreciate the beauty on my walk... so much better than a treadmill!

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Jun 24, 2012

~ pve inspiration

I love when I find an image that speaks to me.

PVE posted these gorgeous summery napkins on her blog (here) and I was immediately smitten... A wonderful representation of Summer.

When the wheels begin to spin in my head, soon enough I have a new banner to add to my collection. 

I continue to bask in the inspiration I get from blogging.

Linking up for Mosaic Monday here
(Images: Pinterest, and pve as mentioned)

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Jun 20, 2012

~ kitchen stools

As reported in this post, during a sprucing up phase, I painted my island a mossy green color. It didn't occur to me at the time that the green stools I had might not work well with this new color. When we moved in a decade ago, I cut corners with these stools. I didn't want to spend a fortune, bought plain pine stools from Target, and had them painted and repainted and repainted so they looked layered and worn and slightly more interesting than plain pine stools from Target. They did the trick. They have been knocked over and spilled on, and I never batted an eye. (FYI: Normally, I would bat an eye over knocked over and spilled on.) 
With the recent updates in my kitchen and family room, the Target stools weren't quite cutting it. 
I decided not to share this little tidbit about ordering new stools with my husband. I have learned from experience that if he doesn't know about the new until it arrives, it sometimes works out for the best. No waiting, no anticipation, just new stools one day. I can assure you that asking for new stools wouldn't have worked out well. His response would have been one of the following:
1. We already have stools. 
2. What's wrong with the stools we have?
3. Why did you paint the island green in the first place?

Today is the day of new stools!

Here are the old Target stools...


I showed this photo of Dan Carithers' kitchen to my designer, Richard White, and begged, "find these stools!" 
They are pretty darn close! We picked out a darker french finish, a charming check, and ordered.

Apparently I'm obsessed with check fabrics because I have no less than three of them in my family room/kitchen! I do love the check on the stools...

And the husband liked them just fine. They are so much better looking, more comfortable, and he didn't bat an eye... No more knocking over or spilling going on in this kitchen!

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Jun 8, 2012

~ jealous

Every time I visit my sister-in-law's house, I come home feeling like I need to spruce up... Damn her! (I jest)
To better understand and sympathize with me, allow me to walk you through the process...

Immediately upon arrival, I realize her pots are always, always bigger and better than mine. No matter what I do, every year, her pots look like they are from the Four Seasons at a resort.. ginormous and gorgeous!

We found these pots together, but she followed through, ordered one, and is enjoying it's grandeur! 

I mean the begonias are ridiculous. Mine are NEVER that big, even at the end of the summer!

We move inside, and everywhere there are fabrics, clearly covetable fabrics. 

The accessories are carefully picked and displayed perfectly.

Her antique pillow collection is incredible. 

Looking into the dining room, more gorgeous fabrics and rich color...

 Walking through the living room, accessories continue to be nothing short of exquisite.

Oh, what do we have here? Another antique pillow. So annoying.

Are you starting to get what I'm talking about? Perfection everywhere!

Out the back door ~ trying to escape the overwhelming beauty!

And this is what I'm faced with... more.

Yep, time to go home and put ugly things away, look for more beautiful things to put out, and dream about being able to keep up with this kind of crazy.

I'm thinking next inspired home, aren't you??

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