Jun 15, 2012

~ being organized

I have an unusual enthusiasm for organizing.

When my kids were younger and went to camp for a couple weeks during the summer, I would literally spend days and nights organizing closets before their return...

My least favorite organizing project: the garage... I'm scared of bugs.

My favorite organizing project: drawers

and cabinets...

Although none of these images are my own, my spaces are remarkably and similarly organized. Sometimes. I realize I annoy a lot of people with this obsession, but know this, it is not something I've chosen for myself. 
Being organized chose me!
And I'll be doing it all weekend!

(all images from Pinterest)

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The enchanted home said...

Jan, can you please get on a plane and bring your unusually organized self over t this way!! I actually am pretty organized myself but lately things feel like they are getting out of control....I need to take 2 or 3 days and spend it doing "damage control". Nothing feels as great as having a super organized home. Very important to me......these pictures are AMAZING! That drawer made me drool..OK gotta go and get busy organizing! Thanks for the inspiration.....happy weekend.

Just Spiff It said...

I have fantasies about being this organized - but I have moments of laziness. Plus I have a husband who "forgets" to return things back to where he found them and then we have to have little chats about it! Your photos you posted are incredible and at first thought they were from your own home!!
Thanks for the inspiration!

La Dolfina said...

I am like you!
I have no choice being a Virgo...
These image are amazing!

Please share photos of your efforts this weekend!!!!

Victoria said...

Like you, Jan, I am obsessed with organizing. I love the look of a neat drawer, closet or cabinet. Hence, I chose a refrigerator with a glass door when I renovated my kitchen...size place and labels facing front, please.

I love these images. It will give me more fodder for my obsessions.

Thanks, I think.

BRASWELL said...

Thank god for you organizers! Grand pictures + post. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Unknown said...

Hey Jan,

I will never forget when I was pregnant with my twins, you flew out and organized and helped me with their layette in that downstairs closet.

You are a master at organizing and cleanliness! Wish I could see you! Miss you!

Lots of love,


Style Maniac said...

I have a thing for closets and color, too! In fact I may have to add one of your pretty pics to my closet lusting board on Pinterest!

Nice to meet you ... stopping over from The Blogstress Network.

Ivy Clad said...

I love being organized. I'm not quite so enthusiastic about the organizING! But it's worth it. I love how colorful all of these spaces are!


Karen said...

I love organization...this post makes me want to go home and organize something!

An Eye for Detail said...

My organization kind of comes and goes! Generally, I'm very organized... but then i see these pictures, or go to the Container Store and oh man, I feel that I've totally lost it! It's a constant struggle... But my daughter has most definitely inherited this gene: her small apartment in D.C. is spotless with baskets, hooks, containers etc. Is this a good...or not so good...thing for our children to inherit??

Our French Inspired Home said...

Hmmm..havent seen anything that organized around here. The pictures make me feel good until I look into my own closet. Guess I need to get cracking.

Ann said...

I loved this post, as I, too, am a conscientious organizer, and Virgo, so I understand that I come by this naturally. Recently, I worked on my office double closet, determined to make it look as good as any other part of the room when the doors are open. I covered my notebooks with fabric, painted boxes for storage, and accessorized the shelves. My husband does not share my passion for order, so I spend a few minutes everyday picking up after him. We have agreed that I won't object to his leaving things out, if he won't object to my filing them away (sometimes before he is through with them). I am so inspired and delighted by the photos you posted, that I am going to start my own Pinterest board of organization. Many thanks!

Sarah said...

Oh, you can come get me organized any time you want. I love organization, but seem to be lacking the time and motivation to get my closets organized this spring. And now it is SUMMER! Thanks for the inspiration!
Welcome as a new follower at HFTS. I'm glad to meet you and am now following the French Tangerine. Love the name!

le style child said...

i love these kinds of posts... interior decor and layout is so aesthetically pleasing - much like your blog! so happy i stumbled upon it :> xx