Jun 17, 2012

~ colorful doors

The winner of the ikat pillow is:
Peggy Gildea

Congratulations Peggy! Please email me your address and I'll
send your lemon yellow pillow right out!

If you missed the post and would like to order ikat pillows like these,

I've been thinking of painting my front door. It's currently a dark green and quite predictable. Although I want to shake things up a bit, I'd never have the spunk to venture this far out of my safety net... But isn't it fun to look? Pinterest makes it easy as pie...  

It's fun to fantasize...
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(all images from Pinterest)

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mollie's mom said...

I recently went from a dark green front door to a tangerine color!!! It's fun! I put a picture on my blog...
mollie's mom

Jill Harrison said...

just LOVE LOVE these collection of doors. I wish mine looked like one of those also! So interesting and full of colour and texture. Love it!
Have a wonderful week.
Linking up to you through Mosaic Monday.

The enchanted home said...

Gorgeous! Love all these vibrant colors, don't think I would ever dare to do one but sure love looking at them, some real beauties!

Acquired Objects said...

We have a white house with black accents but wanted something fun for the front door so we painted it a deep burnt orange color. Like that of an autumn leaf and we love it.

Enjoy your day!

5th and State said...

isn't it interesting how we love these european doors, portals to magical old world interiors.
doing that here? we would be called white trash :-)

Pamela Gordon said...

Gorgeous colour! It's difficult to step out of the box with colour but it can always be repainted. :)

Crafty Gardener said...

I was used to bland doors until I moved to Olympia WA. Everyone was painting their doors vivid colors. I was determined to have bright red. That later became blue when we changed the color of the house.

Now that I am in a new house, we wanted something perky and came up with a bright brick red door for a house we painted last year in a medium grey green with buff trim. We Love the unique doors.

I Love the vivid colors of the doors you found on Pinterest. Good luck searching for the right color for your door.

I would love to know how you pull images from Pinterest to your blog.

Yael from HomeGardenDiggers.com