Jun 28, 2012

~ dream house

The last thing I want is to appear ungrateful. So let me begin by saying how utterly thankful I am for the house I call home. It has always been beyond my dreams! Until now...  (wink)
Thanks to Pinterest, there are loads of images that dreams are made of. Images that exceed what my imagination is capable of.
Alas, I have a collection of homes I have classified and categorized as "dream home" despite my total and complete gratitude for the home in which I live.

This is definitely a favorite dream house. 
I. Love. It.

I detect a theme... a European feel... not necessarily something you'd see driving around Omaha. I love the windows, the ivy, and the casual/lived-in vibe these houses send forth, despite their grandioseness. 

I have a favorite home, a near match to what I'm loving above, I'm currently begging to photograph...
I'll keep you posted on how the groveling turns out... 

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Samantha said...

Oh I'm right there with you, I appreciate my beautiful home, but these ones are stunning.

The enchanted home said...

The ivy does it every time......we just added to our facade, supposedbly its going to really "take' and start climbing.....cannot wait it adds so much, love your choices!

Mary Howell Cromer said...

I also love my home, however, any of your dream homes would most assuredly be mine as well. I like each of these very much~

BRASWELL said...

I give thanks every AM for the lovely home I am in-and the stuff that dreams are made of-the European homes strike me with love. Adore the images. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Splenderosa said...

They are beautiful, Jan...we have loads of this type home in Houston in our older neighborhoods, all beautifully maintained and perfect.
Yeah, any one of them would work for me. xx's

Our French Inspired Home said...

I really enjoy the style of your dream home selections. Lots of functional shutters and hip roof lines. The Ivy looks great, but our mason has cautioned it use as it pulls lime from the mortar and weakens the joints over time.

Acquired Objects said...

All of these homes are wonderful and I'll take number three please. Like you I've collected several dream homes even though I pretty much already live in my dream home.


Things That Inspire said...

You and I have very similar taste in houses! I love the European/French look of all these houses, with the slight nod to symmetry that is often found in Georgian houses. I think it is the softer feel of the houses and the color palette that pulls me in - and as Tina noted, the ivy! I love the look of the ivy on the house, although I am afraid to grow it on my own house!

- Holly

Roban said...

I love the colors and the ivy and the beautiful windows found in these homes. I'm with you on that European vibe.

A Magical Whimsy said...

OH! I will take any of these homes.
I am sure they all hold secrets and small places for children to loose themselves in. Door that lead into other small rooms, quaint, vintage furniture and lavish gardens.
Glorious! Simply Glorious!
Thank you for sharing~
Teresa in California

Kellie Collis said...

These are fabulous! Have a lovely week ahead, Kellie xx

pve design said...

I love my home too but I hope my next home is just a small cabin or cottage. There is something so endearing about dreams....I think as I age, they are getting simpler.
What a stunning collection of dream homes.