Jun 8, 2012

~ jealous

Every time I visit my sister-in-law's house, I come home feeling like I need to spruce up... Damn her! (I jest)
To better understand and sympathize with me, allow me to walk you through the process...

Immediately upon arrival, I realize her pots are always, always bigger and better than mine. No matter what I do, every year, her pots look like they are from the Four Seasons at a resort.. ginormous and gorgeous!

We found these pots together, but she followed through, ordered one, and is enjoying it's grandeur! 

I mean the begonias are ridiculous. Mine are NEVER that big, even at the end of the summer!

We move inside, and everywhere there are fabrics, clearly covetable fabrics. 

The accessories are carefully picked and displayed perfectly.

Her antique pillow collection is incredible. 

Looking into the dining room, more gorgeous fabrics and rich color...

 Walking through the living room, accessories continue to be nothing short of exquisite.

Oh, what do we have here? Another antique pillow. So annoying.

Are you starting to get what I'm talking about? Perfection everywhere!

Out the back door ~ trying to escape the overwhelming beauty!

And this is what I'm faced with... more.

Yep, time to go home and put ugly things away, look for more beautiful things to put out, and dream about being able to keep up with this kind of crazy.

I'm thinking next inspired home, aren't you??

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Mary Howell Cromer said...

I must say, her home sure puts my home to shame. She has a lovely style and those antique pillows are great finds, and oh I do love large flower pots~

Anonymous said...

Jan, you always make me laugh! Some very beautiful things, and she edits beautifully. hard to put your things away but I try to rotate things through the house so they are not out all at once. I try. The blue & white trio is gorgeous - has lost a couple pieces or it would be the most incredible garniture, yes? Pssst...I know where you can get a complete blue & white garniture! You know I do! p.s. love her choice of blue crystal with the vases!

The enchanted home said...

Yep definitely a beautiful home but ironicially I see so much of you in that home....you two have remarkably simliar taste!! LOVE the planters and those antique pillows.....swoon city! Jan, my dear however I do not feel an ioda of sorrow for you.....because you have an absolutely exquisite home done to perfection that is totally magazine worthy, lets not forget!!!!!!!
I bet people leave YOUR house thinking they need to go do some serious damage control! Gorgeous home, thanks for sharing!!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Her home is beautiful and so is yours. Wow, she does have some beautiful potted plants.

Our French Inspired Home said...

Some people have all the luck with the success of their pots. Obviously she got it. They look great.

BRASWELL said...

Jealous-that is a wasted emotion! Your home is lovely + I find BIG things are wonderful also. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

The French Hutch said...

LOL, you have no reason to be jealous, maybe a little twinge over those gorgeous urns and plants. Mine never look like this either! I'm lovin that MC platter hanging on the fence. I spied a chair I'm in love with too. Your SIL has a beautiful home, just like you. LOL……….

The French Hutch

Leslie said...

First off.. bigger isn't necessarily better :) .. and I do agree those antique pillows are kind of annoying but I'd love to have them anyway :)

How wonderful to have a SIL that you have so much in common with! I adore her living room .. so much color and texture, and the kitchen and accessories are perfect.

{your home is gorgeous too!}


Karen said...

What a pretty home. Honestly, I think your home is equally stunning.
Have a wonderful weekend, get to work on your outdoor planter! :-)

mishebe said...

what does she feed her plants? some secret "make me beautiful and big food?" lol

Terri ~the dressed up cottage said...

Well at least you can see that she gave a little 'nod' to you with a couple of 'tangerine' colored flowers in the mix of her plants. Ha ha

Ivy and Elephants said...

Oh, I love your blog! The pictures are gorgeous and your writing had me chuckling along. I too am put to shame by that sister in law of yours!
Just amazing!
I'm following you and inviting you to link to the party as well. You are always welcome.
A pleasure finding you.