Jun 20, 2012

~ kitchen stools

As reported in this post, during a sprucing up phase, I painted my island a mossy green color. It didn't occur to me at the time that the green stools I had might not work well with this new color. When we moved in a decade ago, I cut corners with these stools. I didn't want to spend a fortune, bought plain pine stools from Target, and had them painted and repainted and repainted so they looked layered and worn and slightly more interesting than plain pine stools from Target. They did the trick. They have been knocked over and spilled on, and I never batted an eye. (FYI: Normally, I would bat an eye over knocked over and spilled on.) 
With the recent updates in my kitchen and family room, the Target stools weren't quite cutting it. 
I decided not to share this little tidbit about ordering new stools with my husband. I have learned from experience that if he doesn't know about the new until it arrives, it sometimes works out for the best. No waiting, no anticipation, just new stools one day. I can assure you that asking for new stools wouldn't have worked out well. His response would have been one of the following:
1. We already have stools. 
2. What's wrong with the stools we have?
3. Why did you paint the island green in the first place?

Today is the day of new stools!

Here are the old Target stools...


I showed this photo of Dan Carithers' kitchen to my designer, Richard White, and begged, "find these stools!" 
They are pretty darn close! We picked out a darker french finish, a charming check, and ordered.

Apparently I'm obsessed with check fabrics because I have no less than three of them in my family room/kitchen! I do love the check on the stools...

And the husband liked them just fine. They are so much better looking, more comfortable, and he didn't bat an eye... No more knocking over or spilling going on in this kitchen!

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The enchanted home said...

You are funny and I can relate to the hubby situation I have been known to do very simlar things....its like surprise, or oh you didn't know I was ordering them? And then I get him to ooh and aah over whatever it is:)
LOVE your stools...and love the way they work with the stunning moss green island. Beautiful kitchen period!

Victoria said...

The stools are lovely, Jan. I like the fruitwood/pecan look of the finish and the shape. They are more suitable to the look that has evolved in your room. I am sure your husband liked them because the padded seat make them more comfortable. You know, for the most part women are about form and men are about function. Enjoy.

A Toile Tale said...

I have these stools!!! You'll love them.
I've also been in Dan and Nancy's beautiful kitchen, and it is much smaller than it photographs in this picture,(how did they do that?, but every square inch is charming and perfect. I can understand how it is an inspiration. The whole house and garden) is perfection.
Linda @ A Toile Tale

Our French Inspired Home said...

I think they look great, and are a far cry better than the old stools. You are right, they did do a good job matching the stools in the photograph.

BRASWELL said...

soo handsome the new stools + more comfortable with the padded seats. A word to the wise. Spray the seats with scotch guard! Just sayin... xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Leslie said...


This post made me laugh out loud. My current stools are similar to your old ones and I am searching for a replacement. I will do as you did.. purchase them, and when they arrive we will discuss it. Most men view things as black or white - if it still works well, why replace it right?

I love your new stools and I am debating whether or not to get a fabric or leather seat..

Enjoy your day.


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love your new stools and love your green island. I am getting ready to paint my black cabinets side green. They are just chipped all to pieces. What color and paint did you use?

carolyn bradford said...

Loved this! Mainly because I think we have similar tastes! I also featured that picture of the Dan Carither's kitchen today and I also love and collect McKenzie Childs…I may have told you that already? Anyway…the stools are fabulous as is the fabric on the chairs! I used that in a Show house and now it's in my mom's house as well as my daughter's room but in blue. All of this was great!

carolbrademas said...

I really like your new stools! Do you know who the manufacturer is? Thanks!

Rebecca Grace said...

Your stools are perfect, and I love your sneak attack! I always tease clients that "it's easier to get forgiveness than permission." But in my own home, I'm even more devious. Not only would I not tell my husband I was ordering stools, but when they appeared and he noticed them, I'd say, "What are you talking about? We've had these stools for three years, and you're just now noticing them?!" ;-)

cindy said...

Oh yes, LOVE the new stool. Checks are everywhere in my house too, have always been in our 30 years of houses! I LOVE your kitchen!!!!!!

Good husband strategy, we all can relate. My husband always questions decorating ideas until they have been implemented and then admits they were good ideas. Must be hell living with creative women whose minds are always turning!

Vickie H. said...

Those new stools are PERFECT! Very proud for you! Good job on getting them into the house and set up before breaking it to the hubster. My husband still has fifty cents out of every dollar he ever made! No way would asking for permission EVER fly around here. So I just do what I want and wait for the dust to settle. Thanks for sharing!!!