Jul 31, 2012

~ sleep no more ny

If you've heard of Sleep No More, thought about seeing it, and are kicking yourself for missing it, consider yourself the luckiest person on the planet. Although I'll admit my daughter, the one who convinced me to go to this function in the first place, loved the experience, I did not. Breathe No More would better describe my encounter.

Inspired by MacBeth, Sleep No More is an immersive theatrical production put on by the British company Punchdrunk, where the play literally happens around the audience as they move freely and choose their own path through the story. I will try to summarize the evening held at the McKittrick Hotel for you as honestly as I can.

We began in the basement of a hot, dark building, in a line, where we were required to check our belongings. Once inside, we were called in groups by numbers, escorted into a smaller, warmer room, and were instructed to put on our masks. Yes, all "guests" are required to wear masks. (Think Phantom of the Opera.) While waiting, masked, in smaller/darker/hotter room, a shrieking alarm sounded accompanied by a blinding flashing light. We weren't sure if this was part of the experience, but ultimately realized it was a fire alarm. A Disney-type Haunted Mansion character, our host in the smaller/darker/hotter/room, was equally flustered and finally allowed us to enter, surely a de-dramatized version of the actual entrance procedure, but with an added element of drama with the unaddressed possibility of an actual fire.

The five floor, hundred room maze is open for guests to freely roam and explore, all the while being distracted by actors and actresses (unmasked) who partake in odd and disturbing performances. The seasoned guests are quickly detected as they scurry from room to room in search of the characters, and stand inches away from them hoping to be mistaken for part of the show. To their dismay, the phantom masks give them away. 

The heat factor became increasingly prominent, what with the sheer number of bodies together with the 100 degree weather outside, the traipsing upstairs and down, and running from room to room, all contributing to a particularly intense body odor problem. Also noted was the unusual amount of gas being passed throughout the two - three hour experience. As in human gas... aka farts. Perhaps the masks provided a false sense of confidence.

Did I mention there is no talking? That's right, neither guests nor actors utter a single word the entire evening. This rule is upheld thanks to guards (black masks to distinguish from our white) who quickly reprimand guests who might attempt to communicate in the quietest of whispers. The guest is shushed with a very serious and firm finger to the mouth. I experienced the shushing firsthand as I attempted to signal my readiness to go to my daughter. 

I continued (silently) to plan a solo escape from the hellish nonsense as I wandered aimlessly from room to room, floor to floor, taking in the strange and unrelated performances, and could not wait to be rid of the heat and smell, and the mask. Finally, after two hours, we departed with opposite reviews of the evening. 
Perhaps it was the 46 versus 22 age difference? Come to think of it, I'm sure I was the oldest person participating. 

Despite my review, I am down with talent. I get it. However, I would prefer enjoying said talent on a stage, minus masks, plus air-conditioning.
The play experience has been sold out and extended for months. Clearly, my review does not match up with others, most notably my daughter's.

Read the NYT Theater Review here.

Photo credits here, here, and here.

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Jul 30, 2012

~ mc crazy

My dear readers, I retract my grouchy gripe! You do give a hoot! God love you for responding to my whining so efficiently. The dining in NY post was appreciated by plenty, and I am truly grateful for all the emails and comments telling me so! I'm learning that different posts appeal to different readers, and that's ok. In fact, I was tickled by a comment exclaiming she loved the dining in NY post and couldn't care less about Mackenzie-Childs! Bottom line, I post what inspires me which is all I can do, and I hope I'm inspiring others in the process. 

Now, let's move on to the Mackenzie Childs crazy you should be expecting.

Oh dear Lord. Let me explain...

These flower pots were on sale. Perfect for a small plant or filled with flowers. I may use them to hold spoons and forks for a buffet...

Also on sale, these will be used for small vases...

Not on sale, but so charming - A cheese plate I'll look forward to pulling out... 

I love this pattern, Taylor: Poplar Ridge.

I have no idea what I'm going to use these for, but I love them. I may just leave one out on the counter and stare at it...

Now this was a fun find. I just love this wooden pig. I was planning to put my black and white check condiment dishes on it, and still may, but they suggested using one of the hors d'oeuvre trays on top, and I couldn't agree more!  Pattern: Taylor Fran

To the right, you can see the sugar shaker. I think that's what it's called. I won't be using it for sugar... just decoration. Pattern: Taylor: Hitchcock Field

Here is the bird tassel... One for me, one for Mom.

I've had this matching plate for years. The pattern is being discontinued. All retired and discontinued items are on sale ~ 30% off until they are gone!

Mr. Moss Frog was too cute to pass up - on sale!

Now, where to place all the goodies?

Mr. Moss Frog is going on the patio... I love him!

I put a plant in one of the planters and it's perfect on the kitchen counter.

Here's the sugar shaker as a decorative object in the kitchen...
 Would also be pretty in my bathroom.

Pig will probably be put away until entertaining, but isn't he the cutest?

I could also put the hors d'oeuvre tray on the kitchen counter...

The rest will be put away until needed... The darling bird tassel signals the Mackenzie-Childs ceramics cabinet!

Mackenzie-Childs makes me crazy.
More New York still to come...

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Jul 26, 2012

~ mackenzie-childs ny

Apparently, my readers as a whole, don't give a hoot about dining in NYC. Yesterday's post took me FOREVER to put together, and produced a disheartening two comments. Although I did receive a couple of enthusiastic and appreciative emails about the restaurants, overall, I'm calling the post a disappointment. 

Moving on!
I have a feeling my readers will better appreciate this post.

A definite highlight of our NY trip was strolling through the Mackenzie Childs store. Wow. 
Did I make any purchases? Why, yes I did.
I will share what can only be described as crazy in my next post.

I love these timers! I've given several as gifts with the message, "Time flies when you're having fun..."  

 On to the second floor...
Can I please tell you something? This is the elevator.

I know, right?

Crazy coming up next...

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