Jul 23, 2012

~ new york

Loved my quick trip to New York last week with my daughter. The purpose of our trip was to explore the downtown area with the intent of getting a feel for what it might be like to live there as she will be moving in December. We stayed in SoHo at The James and were very happy with our choice. We roamed around on foot, explored the parks, restaurants, and streets and accomplished exactly what we set out to do. 
I have so much to tell you it's not even funny. I've listed below the five best and worst experiences on the trip, and will elaborate this week as noted.
A very charming apartment courtyard setting in Greenwich Village


1. Complimentary Mercedes to dinner, provided by hotel, after nightmare cab ride from airport. (See #1 WORST) 
Air conditioner was never more appreciated during transportation to dinner.

2. Tagliatelle Bolognese ~ L'Artusi (restaurant post coming)

3. Pappardelle Bolognese ~ Babbo (restaurant post coming)

4. Tagliatelli Ragu Antica ~ Osteria Morini (restaurant post coming)

5. First four hours at Bergdorf Goodman 
Shopping is awesome for the first four hours.

Runner up: Mackenzie-Childs store (mc post coming)
Runner up: Sticky's Finger Joint (restaurant post coming)


1. Cab ride from airport ~ 101 degrees/broken air conditioner/heat exhaustion
I have never been more miserable in all my life. I will spare you the pitiful whining I could fill an entire post with.

2. Torrential downpour 
Let's just say a torrential downpour does not go well with a planned day of shopping in New York. Getting a cab is impossible, ruining your shoes is highly likely, and falling while juggling an umbrella and your belongings in plastic bags is basically unavoidable.

3. Heartburn/Soul Cycle cancellation 
We researched and analyzed the instructors, handpicked our favorite, jumped through hoops to get in her class, and could not wait to experience a Soul Cycle session with Janet. When I woke up with heartburn or heart attack, Urgent Care seemed a more appropriate destination for 9:30am. So sad and such a disappointment. (It was heartburn, very painful heartburn.)

4. Sleep No More/heat exhaustion/body odor/gas
I will be devoting an entire post to my personal review of Sleep No More, an unusual interactive play held at The McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea.

5. The fifth hour at Bergdorf Goodman 
Shopping is awesome, but not for one minute more than four hours. The fifth hour is better described as hell. We hated shopping's guts and wanted to escape shopping prison ASAP. (Hence the eventual application of plastic to our bodies and scrambling to the subway in torrential downpour... See #2 WORST)

Next up:
Restaurant post

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The enchanted home said...

This list sounds ripe for a comedy, no joke1 I found myself laughting and visuaizing...the rain, no ac, the shopping and aching feet, oh man can I relate..and its no fun, especially the no ac part....yuck!!!!!

Look forward to hearing more...exciting for your daughter, you absolutely have to let me know next time you are here (imagine you wlll have several future visits) would love to meet up (hopefully in an ac car and no temps ideally above 75)!!!!!!

Have a great day.......

Our French Inspired Home said...

Sounds like you had a good time, minus a few bad experiences. Cant wait to see posts on the good times!

Beth25 said...

I loved your post today. I visit NYC about every 18 months and I break up BG with lunch in their fabulous top floor dining room. Such a treat.
On our last trip our taxi driver was pulled over by the NYPD and arrested--we were told to find another cab and the NYPD--New York's finest got the cab for us and told the driver that the fare was a gift of the City!!

David & Dianne said...

Jealous but so glad I was not there!!!!!

An Eye for Detail said...

Your story of the cab ride reminded me of living in NYC, a few (!) years ago, before the subways were air conditioned! My daughter can't believe anyone lived that way!!! Ah yes, the early morning ride on the Lexington line, packed in, temperature at 90, arriving at work soaking...those were the days alright! Well, at least I was young then..
Look forward to all your future posts about the trip!

The French Hutch said...

Oh I can't wait for these posts! There are always good and bad on a trip, sounds like you had your share of bad, the kind you can laugh about later. Lovely photograph.

The French Hutch

Leslie said...


This is so funny. We were there for literally a day (layover coming back from France) and went in to Manhattan. It was so hot and congested.. the subway, the humidity. I look forward to hearing your stories ;)

BRASWELL said...

This is so funny, good + bad, ahhh so NY. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

pretty pink tulips said...

Oh, Jan....you poor thing. Last week was a weather-wacko one for the record books. It was bad here, just 40 minutes from the city, so I can only imagine how hard it was on your vacation.

Delighted that you had some serious highlights. Can't wait to hear more.

Soul Cycle will be there next time...I was just in class yesterday and am trying to make it weekly. Truly one of the best workouts around!

Happy Monday!
xo Elizabeth

cindy said...

Looking forward to your restaurant reviews and stories. Our daughter has been in Manhattan for almost 2 years. Summer is rather dreadful in the city. Spring, Christmas and Fall are great. I am heading there for the US Open in September and hope things will be cooler by then.

There is a driver/limo app for iphones she uses that sends a driver within 10 minutes. Might want to use that next time it rains when it is impossible to get a cab, also great for late nights after theater or from Brooklyn.

One sunny evening several years ago, my husband and I left the hotel without the umbrellas that were left in the luggage. A sudden downpour surprised us, we could not get a cab and were drenched on the way to a beautiful restaurant on Central Park South. We sat there looking ridiculous (I looked ridiculous, he looked the same for the most part, just wet clothes). The staff was nice and gave us towels and we had a fun dinner anyway but I could not believe what I looked like when I went into the ladies room! Flat wet hair and dress sticking to me like I was in a wet t shirt contest!

Punctuation Mark said...

Cabs are terrible in NY... I adoid them like the plague but sometimes you just have to deal with them... Ugh!