Jul 5, 2012


Oh! My Logo! It's the cutest thing I've ever seen! I couldn't be happier about finding Kim Burks of Paper Lovely right here in Omaha. I've driven her crazy for several weeks now perfecting the new logo that will represent The French Tangerine.  I have a bit of a problem continuously perfecting things like a logo... analyzing every detail to see if can possibly be made any better. 
I was instantly impressed with Kim's expertise and we moved along very smoothly with her amazing sense of design. 

Check it out:

She also updated my categories button...

 And what about the social media icons? TOO CUTE!

And the sponsors button... 

I just love this little guy!

She even did a secondary logo for square venues like Facebook!

I couldn't be happier!
WAIT until you see my business cards! I may have to sell one of my children to pay for them, but it will be worth it - we are talking really cute! (I know exactly which child I would sell)

A big huge thank you to Kim! 
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Visit her blog here.

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All Ways Designing said...

Jan, they are the cutest!! They make me smile just like your entire colorful blog does!!

Jan ♥

YONKS said...

It looks fantastic, I will have to give her a visit as I'm thinking of a new branding! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

cindy said...

Adorable image, simple and sweet! You are always coming up with something!

I bet I know which child you would sell, the one still at home? Our youngest, the last one in our nest, is a 17 year old boy. You get the picture...a 17 year old boy. (who used to be the sweetest thing until the magic age of 13) Why oh why did God make teenagers be part of the plan? Thank goodness it is only a temporary stage as has been proven with our older two!

The enchanted home said...

Love it Jan...its so "you". Really looks wonderful and is the crowning touch to your already beautiful blog. Hope you had a really happy birthday and a great July 4th holiday.....

BRASWELL said...

The new logo is wonderful + know you are thrilled. Congratulations to Kim for a fine job + to you on your birthday! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

alison g. said...

That was my first thought upon hopping onto your blog: what a darling logo!
Thanks for stopping by mine, My Little Happy Place, and for being a follower!

alison g.

5th and State said...

it is so stunning jan that i contacted your designer!

Kim said...

It was so great working with you, Jan! So excited to see everything up! Can't wait to get these business cards finished for you!