Jul 6, 2012

~ red white and green

I have a hard time with red, white and blue. I am an orange and green girl. I can incorporate blue as in blue and white chargers hanging on my dining room wall. I can even incorporate red mixed with orange, but straight up Independence Day red-white-blue is not really my thing.
I have fantasized about blue and white dishes with tons of red flowers... sounds stunning! But it's just not going to happen in my dining room.

Here's how my July 4th table looked... 
I present to you, red, white and green.

There are the blue chargers on the wall! Somehow, they work...

The dishtowels for napkins and the wire bug napkin rings are my attempt at being casual.

I even used plastic plates!

Whatever works!

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Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Jan, It doesn't matter what colors your lovely table are... red, white and green looks stunning together! You have the red, white and blue spirit in your heart!

Ivy Clad said...

I was admiring all the color when I spotted that adorable little pup over on the chair in the corner. What kind is s/he? I just brought home a new dog for my girls-- a Coton de Tulear.
Sorry to change the subject.

Your dining room table looks great too! I like red, white & blue in the summer and on the flag. After that it's kind of like, Who forgot to put away the fourth of July stuff?


Mary Howell Cromer said...

How perfectly lovely and I am so like you on the red, white and blue. In fact, I am really bad when it comes to even some shade of red and blue. Blue brings me down, while supposedly it lifts spirits of others worldwide...
guess I am weird that way. I use more of a navy blue, maroon red and cream white, if I have to use red, white and blue at all. Christmas, is more of a maroon red, as apposed to true reds...and green, I love green;')~
Now then, I will not get into orange, except to say, burnt orange and bright orange are out for me, but shrimp, coral, tangerine and such are a real fav~