Aug 21, 2012

~ the black tulip

My sister-in-law also vacationed in Vail recently, and stopped in Denver to visit a favorite antique shop, The Black Tulip. We've come to love them thanks to their participation in the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show here in Omaha. Upon her return, she sent me a photo of a pair of Italian mirrors and called on me to find a place for them. In her home. Unfortunately (for her) I couldn't seem to find just the right spot. I did however know of a perfect place for them in my house! 

The following week, we were headed to Vail, and after getting permission from said sister-in-law, I had them wrapped for pick up! 
Even with the gorgeous weather and the relaxing vacation, I couldn't wait to get home to hang them!

Mommy likey.
I'm loving how they finish off the wall.. I wanted to enhance the painting, but was worried about any additions being overpowering.  I think these mirrors do the trick!

The Black Tulip has an amazing collection of gorgeous antiques. We are lucky to have them come to Omaha. I could have spent hours in the shop - literally hours! There are piles of antiques everywhere, treasures waiting to be found. But of course my husband and sons were waiting in the car. I had approximately 3-4 minutes to get the mirrors in the trunk and return to the passenger seat. To be fair, I'm lucky they stopped at all!
Take a peek at some of the items they have featured online... here

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Sarah said...

Oh, these do finish out the wall beautifully. They look great with your painting, which by the way is fabulous. Please tell me about it. ~ Sarah

Our French Inspired Home said...

We will remember that shop when we return to Denver next year. Funny how we can always find a place in our homes for things isnt it?

The enchanted home said...

They are perfect Jan! You have such a great eye...they are meant for that wall. Gorgeous room!

Decorative Interiors said...

Wow ! - These sconces are perfect in your home!
Beautiful addition to your room - which is so full of life and color! Thanks for sharing!

Connie said...

Great vision on your part. They are indeed..perfect!

Acquired Objects said...

Jan I love, love, love your mirrors. They're exactly the thing I would have brought home without knowing where I would have put them. Great score!


ann chamberlain said...

Hi, I went right on the Black Tulip site.......and found a treasure. It will soon reside in my home. After your trip to New York I blithely went to the Mackenzie Childs website and did some Christmas shopping. You have such good ideas and great taste I am in trouble. Keep the wonderful newsy blogs coming.

Anonymous said...

How great - you have your own personal shopper! Do you think these were at one time candle sconces? It appears that there is a hole in the center bottom - maybe where an arm intersected with candleholder?