Aug 10, 2012

~ more charming dundee

Aren't fifteen-year-olds the worst? "Can you take me to Doba?" "Can you take me to Dylan's?" "Can you take me to the pool?" "Can you pick me up from football?" I am my son's chauffeur. His friends, who were lucky enough to be born the year before he was, have started helping out with the taking and the picking up and the taking back and the picking up again, but I am still counting down the days to this child's 16th birthday.
The good part about having a non-driver, (other than spending time with the non-driver) is driving through neighborhoods I love. We lived in this area for a decade, and the houses are still as charming as ever. I may have shared one or two of these houses in past posts, but thought you'd appreciate seeing them again as much as I do!

Have you ever seen a pastel pink door? Charming.
My kids think I'm such a creeper driving around with my camera out the window. They are embarrassed of me. I'm so over it. How else am I supposed to share the fun?
Also, it's a good activity for 107 degree days, and we've had our share!

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Antee Gurung said...

Love the home ideas....the green plants looks so gorgeous....I meant the creepers...woo

Btw do chec out my new post aswell

Mary Howell Cromer said...

If you are a creeper, I am a double creeper. I pull into driveway of people that I do not know and get out of my car to take photographs of a sunrise, a Vulture,a Crow and yes, frontages of charming homes like this. In fact these remind me of my favorite neighborhood in St. Matthews where I grew up. Tell those boys to choose their hobbies and you shall keep yours;')~

Linda Burt Independent Willow House Design Consultant said...

First, Thank You for the tour of your hood! You are absolutely right, the Houses are charming, well cared for and fun! I LOVE the fact that your kids think you are creepy. Too funny! The joys of teenagers! Tell him to put his big boy pants on and deal with! With that said, enjoy these times, you are making memories to laugh about in the future!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Gorgeous homes!!

Decoratopia said...

I didn't know it got that hot where you live - thought we had all the fun down here in Texas. Those homes are so wonderful!! I remember seeing a little before, but this is such eye candy!! From someone who lives in a cookie cutter neighborhood, thank you thank you thank you!! And keep up the good work!

YONKS said...

I would taky any one of them, stunning!

Annie H. said...

Beautiful neighborhood reminds me a lot of homes where I grew up outside of Philadephia (Main line).

Sarah said...

Jan, glad you carry that camera around with you. These homes are my cup of tea. No idea what they are like on the interior, but I bet I could be happy living in one of these. This neighborhood reminds me of some in Dallas or Tulsa. Don't know if I'd keep the pastel pink door on the last one! LOL
Thanks for the tour! Happy Sunday.......Sarah

Rebecca Grace said...

Jan, what part of the country do you live in? These homes are beautiful, and seem to possess the authenticity of actual age (rather than the new-homes-meant-to-look-old that predominate here in Charlotte, NC).

So, your sons are embarrassed of you for taking pictures of houses? Tell them a crazy woman on the internet said you can borrow her tutu and tiara to wear to their next parent-teacher conferences... ;-) Mwa-ha-ha!

mollie's mom said...

I'm ready to move in.... and the whole point of a camera with a good lens is to creep on great houses!!!

TiffanyJane said...

LOVE all those beautiful homes!! The landscaping on them are gorgeous :)

TiffanyJane said...

Love all the homes, just beautiful!!! Love the yards too, can't get enough greenery {esp. hostas} :)
One of my favorite things to do id go look at charming/beautiful homes!