Aug 12, 2012

~ pink and turquoise

 A vibrant and peppy combo...

Bold. Brilliant. Bright.

A blast of color to start your week!

(Images from my Pinterest board here)

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Fashion-isha said...

I love this combo so much! I just painted an old dresser turquoise and I realized I need a bouquet of hot pink flowers to finish it off!

Sarah said...

Jan, thanks for the blast of color. Love seeing this combo. I just may need to look for a hot pink top to copy that look with the turquoise shawl. ;-)

The enchanted home said...

Whoa!!!! LOVE this, unexpected but what an explosion of gorgeous color. I think I might have to put together a snazzy outfit with this combination....gorgeous!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

So very pretty, I love all the color!!! it just makes everything so happy and I like that.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Leslie said...

Wish I could wear that adorable skirt and top! so cute :) Also love those skinny jeans and flats. How darling is that? Lots of fun colors here!


pve design said...

I am telling my friend all about this as her last name is Lance- and she always calls her family "Lancelot" -
Oh, that temp. sounds delightful....I am over this hot weather and not wanting to go outside. This summer has been record hot.
Love all those hot colors though~