Aug 2, 2012

~ purl ny

Just when we thought, "Here's a store we can pop in and not buy a single thing..." 

The charming window display lured us in despite the fact that neither of us are particularly interested in this hobby. 

Actually, I do have a needlepoint project I've been working on for a while and should be finishing it up in about 100 years. But I am certainly not in the market for new projects that involve a needle or yarn.

On our way out, just when we thought we'd accomplished the impossible, my daughter spotted this adorable phone cover.. Unfortunately, the finished product is only for display. "Doing it yourself is much more rewarding!" they told us...

Back to the wall of yarn we went.

Hopefully she finishes her sewing project before the iPhone changes shape...

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cindy said...

Pretty shop...I too have a needlepoint project that I pretty much work on only during January and February of each year. I used to needlepoint a lot and have beautiful pillows, all Ehrman designs but I have a feeling my kids are never going to want any of it so I slowed down to a crawl. The internet is much more fun!

cindy said...

Also love the storefront photos with the beautiful Soho buildings reflecting in the glass.

Mary Timmers said...

Absolutely beautiful color!!!

Stacey said...

Wow! I would shop way too much in a store like that! love everything!