Sep 12, 2012

~ blue and white obsession

The same sister-in-law who is obsessed with orchids has another obsession I'd like to share with you and it's name is blue and white. 

Let's start in the living room...

This is the third photo of this vignette... I guess I'm a little obsessed myself!

Dining room

While I was taking photos, she decided the middle plates might be better pushed out. Like me, she doesn't wait around for this type of activity... Done! 

Master bedroom

Powder bath


I do love blue, however my obsession is green. No matter the color, I am always inspired by beautiful homes like this one, filled with antiques and charming vignettes.

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Sarah said...

How beautiful! Thanks for sharing all this fabulous blue and white.

Victoria said...

I also am a big fan of blue and white, so today's post is a delight. Thanks.

Decoratopia said...

Lovely! I love my blue and white, but like you am partial to green. However, green and blue go together very well!

carolyn bradford said...

Beautiful photos for sure! I guess I fall into this same category only with brown and white and creamware as well! Thanks for sharing this!! Hope you are having a great week!

The Pink Pagoda said...

I'm with your sister-in-law! She has such an amazingly beautiful collection -- I'm jealous : )

BRASWELL said...

Love me some blue & white! Stunning.

GiGi Faulkner said...

Beautiful Blue and White in such a gracious home. I love the powder bath paper/fabric on the walls. Would you share the maker?
Thank you so much. GiGi

Mary Anne said...

Blue and White has always been a favorite of mine. . . actually, it stands alone. Wow, what a collection your sister has Jan. So refreshing to see the antiques used that so many younger families do not appreciate! Thanks for sharing once again such splendid design!!

The enchanted home said...

OMG!!! Were we separated at birth, you know I am LOVING this post and bookmarking it. Scary how much alike we are, we both have the same obsession wiht blue and white, orchids ,I have every one of her design books.....LOVE that pillow, the bathroom...its all AMAZING! She has superb taste but so do you so I see the good taste gene is alive and well in your family!

Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

LOVE IT! I hope to someday have a collection of blue and white like this!