Sep 26, 2012

~ lgas 2012 part 2

I present you with another incredible batch of dealers from the Lauritzen Gardens Antique and Garden Show... enjoy!

Alessandra Branca, our Saturday speaker, was especially excited about Mercato... with the Italian thing, you know. We can always count on gorgeous Italian pottery and beautiful pieces from Mercato!

Especially loved this fragment...

These sketches were magnificent! Morando Morandi was a professor of art at the famed Florence Academy of Fine Arts. All works are dated between 1895 and 1905. The drawings and watercolors certainly make up a fascinating and handsome collection...

Clark Graves Antiques

Devoted readers may remember my mention of a visit to Clark Graves in St. Louis when shopping with Nina. So happy to have him join the team this year in Omaha!

What a fantastic collection of antique books!

Yes, I bought some.

I bought the twin to this guy from Trace Mayer last year, and have a gorgeous mum in it by my fireplace! Very handsome, I must say.

Parrin & Co.

Definitely a favorite of many friends, special treasures can always be found in this booth...
I love these sconces!

And these lamps!

This pair of chairs was a big hit...

Such a fantastic chest... I'm in love with the hardware.

These glasses would make a charming table setting, wouldn't they?

Eddie Ross thinks so!

American Eagle Antiques

Everyone went nuts for this painting... Isn't she the bomb diggity?
 Beautiful against that navy blue!

Manor House Antiques

So many exquisite finds...

An extraordinary collection of tortoise shell boxes.

Arader Galleries

My personal favorite print at the show!

Both our speakers, Thomas Jayne and Alessandra Branca knew Arader Galleries quite well, and spoke very highly of them...

I didn't spend much time in this booth as I'm not in the market for a painting, however I did take a moment to stare at this charming cow painting...

Sebasky & Hildreth

I spend a lot of time in this booth each and every year. 

Guess who bought this painting? I did. The one who was not in the market for a painting.

Guess who wanted these stools? I did.

If you need a beautiful box, here's where you need to go.

Beautiful, beautiful boxes, I tell you!

Check out the green tortoise box... Outstanding. 
(So outstanding, it's included despite the poor quality of the photo...)

The most beautiful tortoise shell boxes...

I have never seen tea caddies made of ivory before! Aren't they unusual and exquisite and awesome?

What did I covet from this beautiful-box-filled antique booth? 
This stool...
Isn't it the cutest? It's one of a pair. 

I'm not done. I have more. Soon.

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cindy said...

Wow again, such beautiful things, all in one spot!

Leslie said...

Love those chairs and I'm glad I don't live near by!! Such a gorgeous home store.. thanks for the tour!

BRASWELL said...

Adore seeing through your eyes.

carolyn bradford said...

I would give anything to be there! I would think I'd died and gone to heaven! I saw a quill box that I must have!! Thanks so much for showing us great pics of the show! Have a great rest of your week!

Sparkling Like A Diamond said...

Awesome tour of some awesome items! Love the cow painting your pointed out. The stools you wanted are fabulous. Love the painting you purchased...great colors. Great post...lots of fun! Thanks for sharing