Sep 17, 2012

~ my other favorite house

Just days ago I posted images of my favorite house and promised more when the home would be in festive mode for a wedding celebration. (here) That is still to come. In the mean time, it turns out I've completely fallen for another house. I feel a bit unfaithful about it, but wait until you see the charm...  it's another good one, I assure you.
Coincidentally, this favorite house is all dolled up entertaining the first favorite house as they celebrate the special wedding this weekend. Needless to say, I promptly called this favorite house and invited myself over to take photos. Thank goodness she was an easy sell. SO NICE!
Feast your eyes on this french charmer...

In case you haven't noticed, I'm in love with these green shutters.

Pleaching! Remember my post on pleaching? (here) I've never seen it in person in my life, and it's right here in this backyard.

See the pleaching? It goes all the way around the yard - you can see the wire where it will continue to grow. Even with our horrible summer weather, SCORCHING HOT weather, the pleaching seems to have survived.

This courtyard charm is quite the enjoyable route to the front door... and a good indicator of what's to come...


The kitchen is open to this lovely dining area with a grand view of the courtyard.

They bought this table in Florence!

Their names are included as it was hand-painted to order, as well as the date of the trip... You see the date here...

Matching stools...

The view

I snuck upstairs in the midst of party-preparation-chaos while the gracious hostess remained relaxed and calm. If I were in her position and acted as carefree and easygoing, you can bet your braids there'd be large doses of Xanax or Valium involved.

There should be a sign outside the master bathroom,

The restful atmosphere continues throughout the upstairs...

I love the view...

THANK YOU my friend, for allowing me to traipse through your home at what would be considered by most a very stressful time. Thanks to people like you, I am able to share such delightful inspiration and I love it!

Chef: Robert Mattoch from Denver - rave reviews from all!
Flowers: My friend Kyle from Habitat in the Old Market - duh!

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The enchanted home said...

I love your "investigative research"!! Well done....gorgeous home, OMG those grounds, everything is so luscious!! Love the snippets of the exteriors and all the plantations and grounds are just exquisite!! More more more!

Victoria said...

This house is a treasure. I love the French-style architecture and the beautiful landscaping. The dining table from Florence is charming. Is it Deruta? Thank your friends for sharing.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I am totally smitten with the grounds of this home. Totally. Thanks for posting!

Our French Inspired Home said...

The property is amazing! Love the exterior of the home. The trim detail is gorgeous. I am a sucker for a great gazebo and could spend all day inside this one!

Acquired Objects said...

I can see why this home is one of your favorites because I think it just became one of mine. It has such amazing curb appeal and then the inside....fabulous!


Decoratopia said...

Oh my word, can you say Inspiration with a capital "I"? That is incredible. I can see so many takeaway ideas! Thanks for sharing.


BRASWELL said...

thanks for this photo opp + just beautiful!

Decorative Interiors said...

Really beautiful - Thank you for sharing! Love the brick garden wall and all the fabulous pots! Great idea to use
the mirrored chests side-by-side as sinks and vanity!