Sep 18, 2012

~ tangerine wedding part 1

I seriously could not imagine my favorite house being any prettier when I photographed it a couple weeks ago. Apparently, I don't have a very active imagination. Indeed, the house was prettier. Like, intensely. I took hundreds of photos and will try to edit, but it will be difficult. Today will be the front of the house, and you'll have to wait until the next post to see the back.  WAIT until you see the back.. Oh dear God.

Without further adieu, I present to you my favorite house all dressed up for a tangerine wedding. (To clarify, I am referring to the color... I did not get married.)

I love the ribbons!

It gets even better friends... try to be patient...

Floral design: Aaron Carlson Design

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Acquired Objects said...

I love orange and this setting is so beautiful, lucky bride and groom. I wish them nothing but happiness!


The enchanted home said...

WHOA! You did not overestimate the beauty!! Have any bridal mags come calling to cover this? Looks amazing, and like something right out of France! I cannot wait to see more more more! Exqusiite...and happy to see you both have your favorite color of tangerine in common:)

cindy said...

Wow! This should have been shot for a magazine! SO PRETTY!

Our French Inspired Home said...

What an amazing property. Some lucky couple to have their wedding at this location.

BRASWELL said...


Leslie Carney said...

Love the pops of tangerine ribbon! I'll have to agree with everyone else.. this looks like a scene taken somewhere in France!