Oct 21, 2012

~ tangerine and grape

Yet another unlikely pair of colors I have been inspired by thanks to Pinterest. I did tangerine and turquoise in May (here), and now I offer you tangerine and grape. It seems when I notice an unusual color combination, soon enough, I have a Pinterest board full of beauty!

Orange and purple flowers from a previous post on Monkey Flower Group. (here)

Linking up for Mosaic Monday here
(images are pins from my purple and orange Pinterest board, the last two from Luke Snyder Studio)

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Katie Clooney said...

Thought of you yesterday. I was in the J Crew outlet and they had the most gorgeous tangerine coat!!! I would have sent you a pic but my phone was out of juice. love the color combo of this post.

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely color combination. I love both colors and together....Wow.

Yael from Home Garden Diggers

Fashion-isha said...

This is one of the best color combinations ever!

Sarah said...

Love this color combo. I just added some orange marigolds to my garden among the purple asters. ;-)

Jill Harrison said...

well I must say they go together spectacularly! what a riot of colour! enough to brighten any dreary day. thanks!
Have a wonderful week. I am linking up to you through Mosaic Monday.

BRASWELL said...

Stunning + adore the grape + tangerine. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

carolyn bradford said...

Beautiful colors! One of our new artists in the shop used a lot of this color pallet this time and the paintings are stunning! Thanks for sharing this!

Pamela Gordon said...

Gorgeous colour combination! The mosaic is amazing.