Nov 15, 2012

~ last france post

Day 6
Can you believe? We barely had time to shop! We finally made it a priority and made the rounds on our last day. I bought a scarf here and there, but really had success in one particular shop, Passage de la Cadene.
I loved these colored glasses! 

I got the champagne glasses ~ I love the cut glass around the bottom.

I also found a painting! It has the St. Emilion Cathedral in the background and I fell in love with this primitive painter, Jean Lagru.

I had never seen these before.. Somehow these paintings were used to make tapestries. They are old and have a wonderful worn look. The shop had dozens of them rolled up. I got this one and need to get it framed... I wish I would have taken photos of the framed ones in the shop. They were beautifully matted and would have been a good reference when I start that process.

Other finds in the shop...

Between shopping, we drove to Bordeaux for a few hours... in the pouring rain! We ended up spending hours in a cafe for lunch and not enough hours shopping!

The architecture of Bordeaux is magnificent...

The end of our trip was highlighted by a delicious meal prepared by the private chef. We magically pulled up the Nebraska football game on my laptop and watched the 2:30pm Nebraska game at 7:30pm in France! We celebrated our victory just after midnight, and took what can only be classified as a short nap, before our car picked us up at 4am for the airport. What a way to end the vacation ~ celebrating a Husker win with longtime Nebraska friends in St. Emilion!

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michele said...

i want to see bordeaux!

beautiful glimpses.


Sarah said...

Jan, sad this is the last of your posts on your trip. Thanks for sharing with us. Love the painting by Jean Lagru. I adore this style of painting. did they have other pieces of his work?
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. ~ Sarah

cindy said...

Thoroughly enjoyed these posts! When traveling in France, due to my weakness for pretty French shops, I pack minimally with lots of extra space and then always have a foldable expandable bag ready for overflow. So much fun to bring special things home. Your purchases are lovely!

carolyn bradford said...

Oh, I'd give my right arm to be in that shop and in Bordeaux! Your pictures are magnificent and I love everything your bought! I'm quite jealous! Seriously, the trip sounds amazing!