Dec 5, 2012

~ omaha scout guide

Omaha just got a little bit better. The Scout Guide is the kind of quality publication I get all excited about. I am in love with the concept and the design and am thoroughly impressed with this little book of tricks. 

The Scout Guide is all about supporting local businesses. Scouts search their city for local beauty and soul ~ what makes the city special. A photographer, an architect, a designer, a specialty shop ~ all of the above and more are featured in the book and represent the best the city has to offer.

My friend Vanessa is the editor of The Scout Guide Omaha. Yay Vanessa!

Loved seeing so many familiar faces on the pages!

The Scout Guide is popping up all over the country. 
Check out the library of participating cities! (here)
To flip through the pages of the Omaha book, click here.

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The Pink Pagoda said...

Wow, I didn't know about The Scout Guide. Just checked out my cities' and love it! Thanks, Jan!

The enchanted home said...

Read about it somewhere...neat idea, and smart. I have to look for one for my neck of the woods. Have a great day Jan.

lhoenigsberg said...

Genius! It makes me want to visit Omaha. Thanks for sharing this!

My Notting Hill said...

Love The Scout Guides. The quality of their photographs are outstanding.

BRASWELL said...

What a grand idea. Hadn't heard of it!
"Where is LA?"she cryed.