Dec 24, 2013

~ christmas table 2013

Thank you Carolyne Roehm. Thank you for even more Aptware inspiration. These images are from her recent post on The Many Colors of Christmas. Obviously, blue and white are an expected pair of colors Carolyne would highlight. And she chose my favorite pieces for this table. The napkins, the Aptware, the glasses - I love it all!

As I have already reported, I have been on a wild goose chase looking for this Aptware. Being an openminded shopper, I was not bound to blue. Green or yellow would also be welcomed with open arms... 

As it turns out, green is my lucky color. Although there were only a few pieces available, they definitely made an impact on my table. And aren't they perfect for the holidays! (My mother will be especially overjoyed with the traditional red and green…)

Red roses in teacup arrangements on either side of the tureen are simple yet spirited.

Eucalyptus tucked in a knotted red ribbon tie up the napkins...

Again, thank you to Carolyne Roehm, for such reliable and consistent inspiration. Dinner recipes coming soon… 

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Dec 12, 2013

~ santa smiles 2

Just received my sweet little cousin's photo with Santa…

Poor Santa. His look tells me this isn't the first kid who expressed an intense dislike towards him... 

This photo fits in nicely with a post I did on family Santa Smiles from a couple years ago.. 

December 2011

Oh, the excitement of sitting on Santa's lap... Let's walk through the steps of wonderment together, shall we?

As I remember...

1. Get children dressed in cute outfits, force coats, hats and mittens all to the dismay of the children who want nothing to do with said outerwear.
2. Drive to the mall... is there anything worse than the mall? At this time of year?
3. Stand in a mile-long line with many aggravated children anticipating the horror that lies ahead.... Santa.
4. Upon reaching the end of the line, and after paying in advance for your Christmas Photo with Santa, hand your child over to the attendant, elf, high school drop out, whatever you want to call them, to deliver to the lap of Santa.
5. Watch your children as they realize the terror that has become their life, beg them to smile for the camera, realize after some bribing they aren't going to smile, rescue them from the disaster.
6. Wait 15-30 minutes for the photo which you were required to pay for before realizing the reality of the smiling situation.

Allow me to share some of our extended family photos with Santa...

Here are my brother's triplets with Santa. (about 10 years ago) If you look closely, you will see that bribery was attempted with snacks of some sort...
Santa: Smiling
Triplets: Not so much

 Here are photos of my husband and I with Santa, both at age 2.... I appear to be dealing with the horror better than he is, although I don't seem particularly thrilled about the situation... It seems that my husband may have been coaxed with some sort of stuffed animal... to no avail. Santa looks to be using a significant amount of force in keeping him seated. At least my Santa looks gentle.

Here's our darling daughter, also age 2, with my dad attempting to comfort her during this dreadful occasion, which doesn't seem to be working. Santa's beard is so huge, I'm not sure he knew where the commotion was coming from...

Thank goodness "Sitting with Santa" (aka Holiday Horror) is recorded in case our memory fails us in later years

(Truthfully, I have plenty of photos with smiling children, but they didn't really fit in with this post...)

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Dec 9, 2013

~ holidecor

I finally finished decorating for the holidays. (Now that Christmas is 2 weeks away!) I say the same thing every year… I am not into tons of decorations for Christmas, but I do like to get out a few things. I love the tree and the holiday pots, and who doesn't enjoy a little Christmas music?

This gingerbread tray holds our past Christmas cards...

Couldn't resist these MacKenzie-Childs holiday dish towels...

The red berries are quite festive in the green pots...

The tree is a bit smaller than in recent years… fine with me!

My good friend Kyle Robino of Old Market Habitat did my pots this year. I think they are fabulous! The best ever!

I love how she did the ribbon on this topiary...

Just in time for the snow...

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Dec 5, 2013

~ pottery

My new enthusiasm about aptware, outlined in this post, serves as a reminder of my pottery problem. What I mean to say is, I have an addiction. To pottery. 

Let's break it down, shall we?

I adore this collection of small confit jars. They are not easy to come by, and I'm so thankful I didn't pass them up all those years ago on a trip to Lake Oswego, OR to visit my bestie Sarah Waters. I was so taken with the little guys, I bought all 5 of them. No regrets! 

That little bowl on the right was made by my son, Brookes. I featured some of his pottery in this post a couple years ago. 

Most recently, I have gathered most of my green pots and have them displayed as a collection… 

I love the collection together. I'll admit, I'm not sure I would have had the confidence to try this on my own. I was inspired by a saved magazine image featuring a Dan Carithers designed room ~ a charming family room featuring a glass top coffee table with a large collection of blue Newcomb pottery. I've had this image saved for years and to me, it's still smart and polished. 

I don't often need the back-up support or the approval of others, but in this case, with this somewhat of a bold statement, it helps to have Dan Carithers behind my design attempt. His impeccable taste still shines.

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