Jan 30, 2013

~ woven accents

This is a little obnoxious and I apologize. The problem? I want several of these rugs. I can't stop thinking about them. It's so extravagant and completely unrealistic of me. Whiny, bratty even. But a girl can dream, right? 
That's exactly what I'm doing. Woven Accents makes it possible to do so.
Antique Oushak rugs are my fav. I found a fascinating post about Oushak rugs on the Woven Accents blog. To learn more, click here
Back to dreaming...
I want this rug for my kitchen. It's the perfect size and the colors are yummy. 

This one? I don't have a place for it in real life, but in my dream, it would be somewhere in my house. It's about the prettiest thing I've ever seen.

I want this in my back hall. Perfect size. And the colors? Divine.

Or this one could work.

Actually, there are several options...

It's easy to escape the real world with these luscious colors...


Dude, I know.

Sometimes it's necessary to lose one's self in a dream about Antique Oushak rugs to be inspired. I won't be getting these rugs in real life, but I love to look at them.
To experiment with dreaming about Oushak rugs visit their website, here.
Sweet dreams...

*Recommendation: While in dream, let one's self go completely. Do not allow negative thoughts to enter. (i.e. too expensive, not necessary, people will step on it, etc.) Rather, allow thoughts to be completely free of actuality and entirely governed by fantasy. 
*Warning: In some cases, dreams can become reality.

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Jan 28, 2013

~ washburn imports

Washburn Imports was a fun find on my quick weekend trip to Winter Park. Located in Orlando (Winter Park) and Sanford, Florida, Washburn Imports sells exotic imported furniture from Indonesia, India, China, Vietnam, Burma, thailand, Laos and Bali. 

From practical to extraordinary, simple to ornate, Washburn Imports has something for everyone. For me, they had these gorgeous entry gates. 

I have been looking for something like these to hang on my plain wood fence in the back yard or on the brick chimney on my patio. I'd love to see ivy trickling up!

I didn't purchase the gates, but will continue to fantasize...
I loved the painted pieces in blues and greens... perfect for a cabin, lake home, or anywhere near the water!

Loved the bar.. We were there during the day, but what a fun idea to have a wine bar and shopping on a Friday evening.

Charming light fixtures over the bar...

I loved that coral piece - what a great color!

Loved shopping with my mom and sister-in-law! 
Visit the website here...

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Jan 25, 2013

~ master bedroom change

Do you ever obsess about a particular design element? I've been obsessing about these bed panels for years. As it happened, I insisted on this green check (yes it is a tiny check) for the interior contrasting panels, and I've never liked it. 

Too green, too solid. I did like the little pillow that tied the two fabrics together, but if I could have redone the whole thing, I would have.

After living with it for over a decade, I finally made the switch.

And I love it!

I also recently found this charming pair of cartoon tapestries. I want to light them up in this dark room ~ that's on the list... I think they are perfect.

I have a pair of french chairs and a settee out getting reupholstered and will report back when they arrive... Can't wait to share!

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