Jan 12, 2013

~ emerald

Pantone has spoken.

Personally, I prefer last year's color of the year... but I'm such a nut for color, I can certainly deal with emerald. In fact, I'm loving it mixed with different hues of green, including my green background!

Cheers to emerald!
(all images from Pinterest)
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The Pink Pagoda is certainly keeping up with what's current!

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Mystica said...

Thanks for the beautiful photographs

The Pink Pagoda said...

Love these gorgeous emerald images, Jan! Thank you so much for including my print!

christy said...

One of my favorite colors. Beautiful images. I would love to know what those are, the one with a bunch of little "bars" are they soap? They are so beautiful. 4th picture from the bottom.

carolyn bradford said...

Love emerald green…especially in clothes but I truly do have a lot of green in my home so I'm glad to see it's come back around!

BRASWELL said...

I adore your photos + I love all colors of Green! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Unknown said...

great images! I 'm with you--like last years color better but a little change can be a good thing!

A Garden of Threads said...

What a beautiful colour.

W. Latane Barton said...

That is a gorgeous color... wish I had that soap... well, the ring would be nice but I don't want to be 'hoggish'.

Nancy said...

This is a great collection of emeralds. Thank you for sharing the beauty!
xo Nancy

Bi Ti said...

Wow, I love ALL your greens but my favorites are the bows and the soaps :-)

Pret-a-vivre {Ready-To...Waltz}