Jan 25, 2013

~ master bedroom change

Do you ever obsess about a particular design element? I've been obsessing about these bed panels for years. As it happened, I insisted on this green check (yes it is a tiny check) for the interior contrasting panels, and I've never liked it. 

Too green, too solid. I did like the little pillow that tied the two fabrics together, but if I could have redone the whole thing, I would have.

After living with it for over a decade, I finally made the switch.

And I love it!

I also recently found this charming pair of cartoon tapestries. I want to light them up in this dark room ~ that's on the list... I think they are perfect.

I have a pair of french chairs and a settee out getting reupholstered and will report back when they arrive... Can't wait to share!

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Anonymous said...

ABsolutely love the switch! It makes me want to redo in my bedroom. I planned the bedroom drapes, bedskirt and chaise ten years ago and I have always been unhappy with the bed skirt. You might have pushed me into action! Thank you for sharing!

Just Spiff It said...

Your bedroom is wonderful. It is so important to have a bedroom we love as it is our retreat. I love that your is so inviting and cozy.

Sarah said...

Perfection, indeed! Love the brown buffalo checks and the pair of cartoon tapestries are fabulous. What a stunning statement!

Chandler Weddings said...

I love it too! The brown checks made all the difference. I love the whole color scheme.

mishebe said...

So pretty!

Cortne Martin said...

Yes, yes, yes! I love the change in fabric. Wow, really beautiful. It looks calm and peaceful. Well done. My mom and I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan!
Delighted to see you enjoying your antique tapestry cartoons! Hope they bring you joy for many years to come. They fit perfectly in with the bedroom's color palette.
Inessa Stewart