Jan 30, 2013

~ woven accents

This is a little obnoxious and I apologize. The problem? I want several of these rugs. I can't stop thinking about them. It's so extravagant and completely unrealistic of me. Whiny, bratty even. But a girl can dream, right? 
That's exactly what I'm doing. Woven Accents makes it possible to do so.
Antique Oushak rugs are my fav. I found a fascinating post about Oushak rugs on the Woven Accents blog. To learn more, click here
Back to dreaming...
I want this rug for my kitchen. It's the perfect size and the colors are yummy. 

This one? I don't have a place for it in real life, but in my dream, it would be somewhere in my house. It's about the prettiest thing I've ever seen.

I want this in my back hall. Perfect size. And the colors? Divine.

Or this one could work.

Actually, there are several options...

It's easy to escape the real world with these luscious colors...


Dude, I know.

Sometimes it's necessary to lose one's self in a dream about Antique Oushak rugs to be inspired. I won't be getting these rugs in real life, but I love to look at them.
To experiment with dreaming about Oushak rugs visit their website, here.
Sweet dreams...

*Recommendation: While in dream, let one's self go completely. Do not allow negative thoughts to enter. (i.e. too expensive, not necessary, people will step on it, etc.) Rather, allow thoughts to be completely free of actuality and entirely governed by fantasy. 
*Warning: In some cases, dreams can become reality.

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La Petite Gallery said...

Nice choice in Rugs ..
I like the orange colors.


ann chamberlain said...

I went to the Oushak rug site. The Oushak rugs just glow. The designs are glorious.....but the colors are amazing. Loved the blog.

BRASWELL said...

Dreams do come true! + dream on. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Kathy S. said...

I have bought a dozen beautiful antique rugs...at very reasonable prices on ebay....you should check it out!

Cortne Martin said...

I like your kinda dreaming! Beautiful taste in rugs. I think I will take Kathy S. advice and take a look on ebay. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.