Feb 1, 2013

~ yellow dog eats cafe

I'm thrilled for the opportunity to tell the world about my new favorite restaurant. 

To give you an idea of what Gotha, FL is like, here's what greeted us in the parking lot. 

I'm sure I've never encountered an actual chicken with chicks in a parking lot before entering a restaurant... 

The charming town of Gotha, located between Ocoee and Windermere, was founded in 1879 by German immigrant H. A. Hempel. He named it after his birthplace of Gotha, Germany which explains the pronunciation: Go- (as in the opposite of stop) tha. (How do you like that trivia, Dad?)

I was completely consumed with the atmosphere and too busy enjoying myself to take photos of the place. Here are a few teasers from the website...

Despite the line of hungry customers, the wait goes quickly and is even enjoyable thanks to Owner and Chef Fish Morgan. He famously chats with customers via the intercom providing constant entertainment whilst they await their grub. Mind you, grub refers to my favorite sandwich of all-time, but also applies to lip-smacking delectables including a Duck Confit Special and a luscious cheesecake contraption with snickers and such in a cupcake wrapper... Oh, and pulled pork nachos. 

I did manage to get upstairs and steal this shot... It's a cool place.

My brother who is a regular made me swear on my life I would order this:
Blue Suede Shoes 9.95
Our smooth pulled pork topped with tangy bleu cheese, crispy bacon, thin sliced
scallions and red onions served on a soft bun. This would make Elvis proud.

But because I wanted to see what this place was all about before I got all crazy, I ordered this:
Yellow Dog’s ‘Famous’ pulled Pork Sandwich 8.95

And I'm quite certain I'll never be able to order anything else... Now we get to the good part. Take a look...

Can you see how delicious? We are talking intense melt in your mouth my friends. This sandwich is life changing. I also ordered the soup of the day which was spicy chicken tortilla chili ~ also delicious. 

If you are anywhere close to Windermere, FL/ Gotha, FL/ Winter Park, FL/ Ocoee, FL, please tell me you'll go to Yellow Dog Eats! The sandwich is seriously mind-blowing magnificent... I will be counting down the days until I can go back... 28...

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David & Dianne said...

So hilarious with the chickens in the parking lot. Now Dad and I will probably drag our butts out there as our mouth is watering!!!

BRASWELL said...

Loved your pictures!+ made me hungry! Will send this on to friends in Winter Park. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Things and Thoughts said...

I like your blog and your posts are very interesting and nice.
Such beautiful things!

Anonymous said...

Before I stopped eating meat, this would have made me very hungry! Do they have meatless dishes to entice you?