Mar 31, 2013

~ tulips for spring

I've always loved tulips but recently I seem to have developed what you might call an obsession... They are the poster child for Spring.

Found the most beautiful tangerine begonia!

With white tulips and ivy...

Those tulips opened right up the next day.. they look like roses!

And this ranunculus was irresistible...

Have you ever?

Can't wait to show you the pansies and ranunculus outside... 

Coming up next!

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Sarah said...

Jan, I've always loved tulips ~ any color. They are perfect for McK-C pieces. '-)
Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Easter Sunday.

pretty pink tulips said...

Welcome to the obsession!!! Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Hope it was a Happy Easter!
xoxo Elizabeth

Sandra Carson said...

M completely smitten..:)
Loved the tulips..

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Kathleen said...

I love tulips too! You have a very nice assortment of flowers. It looks very Easter :) Thats always refreshing.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

This is such a beautiful post! The tulip are my favorites too.
Happy Monday.

cindy hattersley design said...

One can't have too many tulips! Such a beautiful post!

BRASWELL said...

Any flower is beautiful + tulips are just glorious. Can't wait to see outside.

David & Dianne said...

Love all your flowers! Now I have to go get some! Hallelujah!!!

ann chamberlain said...

I have always looked forward to each and every blog you write. They are all fabulous! You are extremely talented and very gracious. Please keep these lovely blogs coming to us when you have the time.

mikky said...

Very pretty flowers. I've always loved tulips.