Apr 29, 2013

~ absolutely beautiful things

I am over the moon for Black and Spiro! I could definitely decorate my entire house with this kind of gusto... except it would have to be a different house because mine is already decorated and I don't feel that I can start all over at this point. Second home!?

I literally have to wallpaper something with this wallpaper ASAP!

Anna Spiro is the head designer for Black & Spiro and creates happy and cheerful spaces that immediately brighten your mood... 

Her brilliant and fearless use of color is over the top, extraordinary...

There's that wallpaper again...

Wallpaper. Love.

Hot pink and yellow, orange and blue, lime green and white... 
Could not be any more charming.

Am especially loving it this time of year ~ don't these colors put you in the mood for spring and summer? If I'm ever in Australia, Black & Spiro will be my first visit. In the mean time, thanks to Absolutely Beautiful Things for the great inspiration!

(images from here and here)

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Apr 26, 2013

~ chicago antique show

The Chicago Antique and Garden Show did not disappoint! We were inspired beyond our expectations and hopefully that inspiration will translate through the following images. You'll notice I took exactly zero photos outside and that's because it was ridiculously cold with occasional sleet for added misery. 

Love the lettuce peeking out from the grass... And the flowering branches were stunning...

Donald Stuart Antiques from Winetka, IL

I wanted to bring this home with me, but it didn't happen...

Delighted was I to find The Find ~ another favorite where I've encountered successful shopping on more than one occasion... including this one.

This came home with me... really solidifying the fact that I have an illness when I find banister balls and can't not purchase them. I just think they are perfect in every single room in my house!

Bought these gorgeous books...

Isn't this a charming booth?

Always in awe of the fabulous vignettes set up to delight and charm visitors as we move from one area to another...

And again I say, lettuce.

Enchanting beds covered in moss ~ straight out of a fairy tale! 

My favorite source for majolica, Linda Ketterling brought pieces right out of my dreams... So excited to have her join us at the Omaha show this September!

Guess what that adorable hanging decor is?

The yellow pages! Very anthropology-ish!

Loved these fresh arrangements...

Lynda Willauer Antiques has the most amazing collection of collections I've ever seen. Ever.

Another amazing vignette set amidst the dealer booths...

Couldn't quite justify a pair of these super charming Italian chairs, so a friend and I split the pair. I'll add this to my living room with pleasure.

Some of the best samplers I've ever seen. 

Oh how I wanted this box. But alas I can not continue to purchase boxes for I have no places left to put them.

How about this majolica turtle fountain?

Are you still with me? This is long, I know, but if you are wanting more Chicago, here's more...
Outside of the antique show, we shopped, walked and ate. MK one night (an old favorite) and something new another night. Blackbird showcases interesting food with an unusual yet exquisite presentation. And it was quite delicious.
This, believe it or not, is quail.


Hamachi with lentils




Loved visiting the windy city for the weekend and oh my did the city live up to the windy!

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