Apr 24, 2013

~ liza hathaway matthews

Liza Hathaway Matthews is my newest obsession.




The Bride

Pina Colada



On Golden Pond

Pink Lemonde



Purple Rain

Green with Envy

Emerald City

The titles remind me of OPI nail polish colors... 
Clever and beautiful.

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bingata744 said...

I'm in love! Thank you for sharing this wonderful artist's work!! I've gone online to see if there is a "store" to purchase her pieces, and so far no luck. It looks as if she is from Baltimore and I'm not too far from there and would love to see her pieces in person. I would appreciate any help you can give me -- thank you! Love your blog; check it out every morning!

The French Tangerine said...

Contact Liza through Facebook - the link is provided at the end of the post. Or I have her cell if you need that!

Anne Holland Ventures Inc said...

She needs to set herself up at one of the sites that allows folks to buy her art. Facebook won't work, especially because she set her privacy so only "friends" can connect and comment on her site.

bingata744 said...

Thank you -- I will google a bit more to find a site where I can buy -- but would really like to see it in person first, so may contact her somehow through FB, if possible.

designchic said...

Me too - love the green with envy!!