Apr 11, 2013

~ on a school night?

Sorry folks, no inspiring photos today. Instead, I give you complaining with a good helping of whining. Let me explain...

After responsibly bringing in my plants from the patio and wrapping up my spring-flower-filled pots like precious packages, with safety pins and all, I snuggled into bed for the night. 

I had good intentions of falling asleep, but by accident I kept thinking and planning and organizing in my head. I promise you I sent myself at least 25 email messages of important reminders. Reminders like, "put on lotion" or "uncover flowers" both of which, at 2am, seem like reasonable reminders.

Let me tell you a little something about myself: I am not a fan of getting TP strewn all over my yard and house. Some people, fun people, are able to shrug their shoulders and carry on.. Chuckle even! Not me. 

So when I got up to get a drink and noticed the white stuff, I was not happy. What's the mindset for this kind of activity anyway? Let's torture these people in this house? Let's ruin their day? Let's wait until it's rainy so it's an even bigger mess to clean up, a major inconvenience!
I just don't see the fun in it. I like to think of myself as a fun-loving kind of gal, but when it comes to this? Crankpot Central!

I took a snapshot of the weather situation... to give you an idea of what clean up is going to be like with help from exactly zero of my family members. Please note that although the temp says 32 degrees, the "feels like" temp, which is quite accurate I might add, reads 24 degrees.
Also, I can confirm that it is sleeting or freezing rain. I'm not sure I can clarify which, but regardless, it is miserable, much to the TPers delight, I'm sure.

Now stop giggling and enjoy your TP free day!

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Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Oh, I feel your pain right through the computer! Your home is so lovely and then some hooligans come along and do THAT! Did you find out who did it?

cindy @ a curious gardener said...

Good lord, you just started my day in the best way-laughing! I am cracking up and just read your post to my husband. What a s.... thing to do to someone, I hardly see that around here anymore. Good luck with the cleanup, be a detective and try to figure out who did it.

We are all alike I guess, I write stupid reminders in the middle of the night and think of the most ridiculous things while I jealously watch my husband peacefully snoring next to me.

My pots are going to look like yours soon, warm air is changing to cold today.

David & Dianne said...

This is hilarious that you thought to do a post on the TP! See you have a sense of humor, but probably not while you are cleaning it up, freezing your ass off! Just think of your poor mom that got burglarized Sat. And all my jewelry gone, and my poor traumatized dogs! XOXOXO

Katie Clooney said...

When the girls were younger, we would get TP'd once every couple of months and I HATED it. As far as I'm concerned, TPing is an act of vandalism. I feel your pain.

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

Oh poor you Jan, this did tickle me! The clean up is going to a right royal farce.

pretty pink tulips said...

I know it's a pain to clean up, but when I was growing up, this was only done to the "cool houses"....so at least know you are well liked!!! :)

xoxo Elizabeth

Lauren said...

Haha Jan, I'm literally laughing out loud at this post! Well congratulations, at least you know you've "made it" when your yard gets TP'd!! However, I do feel your pain, it's pure misery cleaning it up, especially in that kind of weather. Hope your weekend is a bit more relaxing!!

Connie said...

That would make me so mad! And to think how hard they had to work in cold uncomfortable weather to do this mess. The world is full crazies and age is no barrier.

Debi said...

Really! There is nothing funny about this, to laugh and then say you feel her pain? I have never understood why people think this is funny or where they possibly think this could be a compliment. If you want to favor someone, go to the door with cookies, or do a kind deed! Just wait until it is your turn. And no I am not old and poor in spirit, I just don't like to see others put down or harmed.