May 29, 2013

~ framed scarves

What a great idea! 

Years ago I thought myself quite the trendsetter when I framed an Hermes scarf for my daughter's bedroom... Apparently not as original as I had suspected!

Clever and handsome, yes?
(Images from Pinterest)

Here's mine...

My daughter loves it and wants to take it for her own apartment! She's no dummy...

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May 27, 2013

~ aqua inspiration

If you are in need of aqua inspiration, here's a smidgen. If you have a deep obsession for aqua, it may be best if you visit House of Turquoise where Erin shares her obsession ~ her favorite color including all shades and variants.

aqua table

aqua shell

aqua egg

aqua birkin
 aqua glass

aqua oscar

aqua treat

aqua gift

aqua sleep
Carolyne Roehm

This is a bit more turquoise than aqua, but had to include this gorgeous bar done by Miles Redd for Danielle Rollins... a stunner for sure.

My aqua inspiration comes from Pinterest...

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May 23, 2013

~ tulipiere

My obsession with tulips as evidenced in recent posts (here and here) has now expanded to include tulip holders or tulipiere...

A tulipiere is an ornate flower-holder. 

 Although they aren't often seen in current times, they were fairly common pieces of decorative art during the 17th century, found in the homes of the European elite. 

The larger floor-standing pyramid shaped tulipieres were like a status symbol indicating the owner's wealth.

Thanks to the large-scale global trade during the 17th century, many flowers from Asia such as the tulip became luxury items in Europe - an exotic novelty

I want one.

(images are from Pinterest)

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