May 23, 2013

~ tulipiere

My obsession with tulips as evidenced in recent posts (here and here) has now expanded to include tulip holders or tulipiere...

A tulipiere is an ornate flower-holder. 

 Although they aren't often seen in current times, they were fairly common pieces of decorative art during the 17th century, found in the homes of the European elite. 

The larger floor-standing pyramid shaped tulipieres were like a status symbol indicating the owner's wealth.

Thanks to the large-scale global trade during the 17th century, many flowers from Asia such as the tulip became luxury items in Europe - an exotic novelty

I want one.

(images are from Pinterest)

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cindy @ a curious gardener said...

I love these! So pretty!!!!!

cindy @ a curious gardener said...

I love these! So pretty!!!!

David & Dianne said...

These are so unique! Beautiful pictures. If I win the lottery I will get the big one for wealthy people--lol.

Kathleen Neary said...

I would like one of these as well! Maybe this should be added to the "want" list for the show. Have a great Memorial Weekend!

Kathleen Neary said...

This will be on my "want" list for the gardens! Love it! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Jan these are absolutely gorgeous! I would so love to have one on my dining table ... what a perfect way to display the fragile beauty of each stem! Hve a wonderful weekend!
xx Frances

Sarah said...

Jan, great post. Tulipieres have always fascinated me too. There were several forms produced during the years in Quimper ware. You show one in your images. I've been admiring the one Juliska produces in the Country Estate series. Hope you get one!