Jun 17, 2013

~ brick flooring

I met one of my favorite homes of all time at a lovely engagement party for my husband and I. It was the first time I had seen the house as I was not from Omaha, and I remember thinking this is me, this is what I love. I had never seen brick floors before in my life, but that was one of several things I came away with: Some day I will have brick floors like these. It took more than a decade, but I got them. We built our house 14 years ago, and the number one thing on my list was brick floors throughout the first floor. 
To me they say french country, casual but elegant, interesting, different. Just look at how they warm up a room and instantly make it look french country...

We used outdoor pavers that were cut in half so they were cheaper and easier to use and not as heavy. Since we built our house, we were able to add the support necessary to hold up the added weight. We did not add any sealants... I wanted them to look like outdoor brick, not shiny tile.

Love the herringbone pattern...

I used to have a sisal rug in the dining room, but decided the brick was prettier. I've considered (thanks to my clever design guru, Richard White) painting an oushak rug onto the brick.. Wouldn't that be something? Not sure if I'm brave enough to do it.

Same brick inside and out!

After 14 years, we are replacing our Master bedroom carpeting this month, (OMG wait until you see the upgrade!) partially because the carpet is worn, mostly because of the desired change in the overall look. The carpet upstairs is desperate for a re-do, but I can't justify spending the money until this last child of mine goes to college ~ two more years! 
One thing's for sure, the brick does not and will not ever need to be changed. It seems to look better with time... 

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!! The brick is fabulous! And it does, indeed get better with age!
Please; (I beg you ) do not paint some rug on the brick!


(40 years ago; I had an artist paint a rug; and flowers on our floor which could not be sanded again!) it was divine....but it was on wood!
It was a "throw rug" just inside the front door! the flowers were "strewn" all over the floors!" I wish I could find the pictures!

It will not work on Brick (sorry; to your decorator!!) So sorry!
I just had to say it!!



Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I don't think there is anything more warm and beautiful! I grew up with brick underfoot.
Happy Monday,

BRASWELL said...

Brick floors, a gal after my own heart. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I love the brick. had brick in the kitchen and entry of two different homes and loved it. Yours is stunning. Hugs, Marty

Acquired Objects said...

Jan your brick floors are fabulous! Nice getting the finishes we've always dreamed of in our homes. I can't wait to see what you're doing in your bedroom.


SAM said...

Makes me wonder if I could sand the cheesy, shiny (I think the former owner--my mother-in-law used a lot of Future--remember that stuff?) brick in my 1950s-era home. Hmmm?

Anonymous said...

SANDBLAST IT! If possible.....it will take the sharp edges off.

the only other thing is to paint it white! The whole shebang......mortar, brick, all of it. And then it quiets down.

Those are the only two options; in my opinion!

www.mccormickinteriors.com........see if we are on the same wave length!

Go from there! If you like what you see! Do that!

If not; carry on by yourself!

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say, "EWW!!" the only thing is paint!


cindy @ a curious gardener said...

So gorgeous, your home is the inspiration for brick in our next house.Trying to decide. Would you tell us how you care for them? So many different opinions about upkeep when I have researched. Love your inspiration pics!

The French Tangerine said...

Basically the brick is dirty 24/7. I've never once mopped the floors and had clean water. They are basically made of dirt aren't they? :) I will say, there are grease spots in the kitchen. Busy areas show a darker grout color over time.. Of course, we can always get out the acid wash that we keep in the garage to take off a layer and sort of start fresh. However we have actually burned the brick before by using the acid. (I got all excited about the acid and left it on too long..) But for day to day cleaning, it's basic mopping with soap (Mr. Clean) and water.. Also, be prepared, the mops take a beating.. I've been through a few mop heads!

designchic said...

I love brick floors and yours are amazing! The image of the outdoor porch with the wooden starburst is a favorite of mine. Can't wait to see your room!!