Jul 21, 2013

~ habitat old market

My friend Kyle never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think I've seen the prettiest flower arrangement ever, the flower girl extraordinaire and owner of Old Market Habitat, shows up with something better. 

Wait until you see these flowers!

The flowers were for a photo shoot on my patio...

Still enjoying them after the shoot!

You'll have to wait until September to see the photo shoot results!

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Jul 18, 2013

~ omg new pillows

I have admired this Pierre Frey fabric for years. The problem is, I've never felt I had the right spot for it. Finally I got clever and have come up with a very cool plan. A two-part plan...

Look how charming the cameos are on this chair!

This fabric is only available in one color now, but I've seen it in other colors over the years ~ like this one...

This is the current color. It's a light grey but has a rich charcoal and beautiful taupe in the cameos.

So the first part of "the plan" are pillows. I called on my pillow source, Pillows By Dezign, and ordered four pillows with the larger cameos as the center of the pillow and a check on the back... Pillows By Dezign is a great resource for custom pillows. You choose the fabric and tell them what you want. Done.

They look good in every room in my house! I think I'm leaving a pair in the dining room...

And a pair on the patio...

Under the Veranda for protection...

Here's the check for the back... courtesy of Richard White ~ I love it!

Part two is proving to be a bit tricky... I'm very excited about the idea (secret) and I'm relying on Richard White to make it happen for me. I'll be sharing the results as soon as there are results to share, and that's obvious.

Pillows By Dezign here
Richard White here

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Jul 15, 2013

~ inspired garden: mary

After a quick tour of this lovely home, Mary was kind enough to allow me to traipse through her yard on a Sunday afternoon. It felt sort of like a vacation. About 75 degrees, the sun shining in a blue sky, and the view? Spectacular! 
As I often say, prepare yourself for serious beauty...

The mature trees provided just the right amount of shade...

I loved the charming gates with the incredible garden growing overhead!

This tree takes up a nice sized section of the yard... Stunning!

Another charming gate...

Love the octagon shape...


This tree reminded us of a Dr. Seuss tree with those fluffy pink blossoms...

Vacation indeed... I was overwhelmed with this lush and beautifully manicured yard. Everywhere I turned was another vignette to photograph. I tried to edit with this many photos, but had a hard time being selective as every shot was worthy of being shared. Thank you Mary! Thank you for sharing this gorgeousness with us!

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