Jul 12, 2013

~ inspired home: mary

I recently had the opportunity to visit a lovely home that I've admired from the outside for years. What a treat to know the homeowner is a lover of The French Tangerine, and has in fact incorporated ideas from this blog into her home!

Upon entering this lovely abode, I immediately noticed we shared a love of Laurie and Charles Photographs. I've done a post on both artists and am a fan of their photography as well...

Understandably, she has quite a collection ~ her children are precious!

And imagine my surprise when I walked into this handsome library to find the color coded books! Where did she get such an idea? (here!)

Absolutely loved this Ralph Lauren wallpaper!

And guess who painted these stair banisters to create this powder bath sink? None other than Andy Moore... (here)

What a wonderful shell console table!

So much of the first floor is floor to ceiling windows which have incredible views, but make it difficult to photograph. When you see the backyard, you will have a great appreciation for these windows and understand why there are so many!

Lovely antiques and charming vignettes can be found throughout the incredibly well-kept home...

The beautiful patio can be seen through these windows. Andy Moore painted these walls in the most charming decorative garden theme... perfect for this sunny room. (Again, hard to get a good shot with all that natural light pouring in!)

Kristin Putnam Johnson was the designer for this home. She coordinated everything with the contractor and chose every finish, color and fabric for the majority of the first floor. Mary wanted to be sure and mention how grateful the couple was to have had the opportunity to work with Kristin before she passed away. Clearly, her vision and her love of design lives on...

I loved the clean and uncluttered look throughout the house. And check out the gorgeous green on that kitchen island... very similar to mine... (here) A coincidence? (I'm not sure as I didn't notice the pretty green until I was home examining the photos!)

More Laurie and Charles photographs...

Here you can see the back of the house... beautiful and immaculate!

You can see why I fell in love with the house all those years ago...

The garden is coming up next! 

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Katie Clooney said...

Great looking house, outside and in!

David & Dianne said...

I love Inspired Home--it's my fave! This home is charming for sure. I get some sort of inspiration from every home--love seeing other homes!

Bonnie said...

Love this home tour. You are right so many lovely things and great design.

I am so glad you shared with us.

Andrea said...

Wow, so gorgeous! I love this home!! What a treat to get a tour of this home you have admired for so long, and that the owner is one your readers!

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