Aug 19, 2013

~ isis ceramics

Obsessed. Totally obsessed. 

I recently bought this similar looking dinnerware: Juliska Country Estate and I adore it. 

They are a great look-alike of the dishes on the cover of Joe Nye's gorgeous book, Flair. That plate!

Although I have exhausted my spending allowance for everyday dinnerware for this year, I am not sure I'll be able to stop thinking about these dishes. After some research, I discovered these plates are a bit more special as they are hand-painted. They come in an array of shapes, sizes and colors, and could not be more charming. The wheels are spinning rapidly in my head and I'm wondering about ordering a set of chargers in green to use for more special occasions... Just a thought. These would be for entertaining purposes only, and would produce a truly spectacular table. 

Isis Ceramics is where to find these treasures... As I try to discern how to incorporate these lovely pieces into my tabletop, I'm finding there are lots of possibilities...

Love it!
Visit Isis Ceramics here.

P.S. The newest version of Juliska Country Estate in blue is a close match... here.

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The enchanted home said...

Love these. I am considering getting the Juliska set, not that I NEED it but it would just work so well in my kitchen:)

therelishedroost said...

Love this place setting! So beautiful would love for my dining table!
The Relished Roost

BRASWELL said...

soo beautiful + do I dare get anymore China? hmmmm

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Jan I love the Flair book and these plates and thimbles are gorgeous!